"Climate Science Translated" Film

by Climate Science Breakthrough in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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We help climate scientists get their urgent warnings heard by millions, by enlisting top comedians. Join us for our punchiest film yet!

by Climate Science Breakthrough in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 17th November 2023 we'd raised £25,489 with 144 supporters in 76 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

We have a one-off immediate opportunity to help convert millions to climate action.

We've made two very successful films translating climate science into human with the help of top comedians Jonathan Pie and Kiri Pritchard-McLean.

They reached over a million people within a few weeks, got on Sky, in the Independent, the New Scientist and elsewhere. Chris Packham called them "utterly brilliant!" And research has shown they are working: 87.5% of a cross-section of people said the videos made them want to act on climate change. 

Here's one of them (NSFW):

We plan to go even bigger and bolder.

We need to get the films, and our hero climate scientists, in front of as many people as possible to trigger action and rouse millions more to show up and radically step up the pressure on politicians all around the world. We already have a third uncompromising film in post-production.

And we now have the opportunity to make one with a very famous and well-loved British comedian, who pulls no punches and will cut through to a wide audience.

No spoilers, but you all know her.

We also have the outspoken Mark Maslin on board, professor at University College London, and author of "How To Save Our Planet: The Facts" (Penguin). 

They are of course donating their time. But we still need funds to cover the making of, studio, crew, post-production, footage costs, all to professional standards. The reason these films are successful is they look polished and authoritative, just as the science should. 

We will also look to spread them in innovative and rule-bending ways to reach beyond the converted. 

If you are reading this, you're probably up to speed with the urgent need for climate action. But many haven't caught up with the latest science, otherwise they'd be in the streets or pushing for immediate change in other effective ways. We need to find fresh ways to reach them. Our films open the door with comedians. We also need to get them seen in creative ways. As part of this crowdfunder, we'll make and invite suggestions, and make the smartest one happen.

Together we can make all the difference.

The fact is we don't need to convert everyone - according to recent social science, it only takes 25% participation to tip a system into rapid and widespread change. Changing social norms is the key to success. That still means millions of folks, but at least it's feasible. Particularly with films that are tested and proven to work.

There is no more urgent task.

Everything is lined up to make and release it in time for COP28 later this year, the annual climate conference which has become a target for petrostates and fossil fuel lobbyists. It's a great opportunity to hijack media coverage and disrupt the business-as-usual approach which is sending us over the proverbial cliff.  

Please donate and share to join us!

Update (01/10/23): We've now gathered enough funds to successfully shoot the film, which is great news, but we still need help to edit and finish it, as well as spread it to everyone who needs to see it ahead of COP28. This is the crucial bit that makes a difference. We're halfway there, so thanks for getting us to the finish line!


Just one of our rewards: your very own Planet-Saving Certificate.


About Us

This is a joint project between Utopia Bureau, climate innovation lab, and Nick Oldridge, climate campaigner. We wanted to figure out why the world seems to be standing by while the scientists are screaming dire warnings and tearing their hair out. And try to help fix it before it's too late.

Kiri Translates Bill:

The films attempt to translate inescapably complicated science into no-bullshit english, that hits home emotionally. Comedians are uniquely licensed to tell it like it is. Also, people usually enjoy listening to comedians. And if they are required to help, then surely it's obvious we are up the proverbial creek. 

More seriously, it shows very different types joining forces against climate breakdown, which is the model we need to spread. And research indicates it's working, so we're looking to fine-tune and scale it up, with your help!



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Certificate of Planet-Saving Action

A personalised reward poster to show your kids and grandkids during the Great Climate Trials of 2043: "I tried to help, honest" certificate, to frame above your bunk in the climate shelter. A4 certificate-size, printed on environmentally-friendly premium paper, with your name hand-calligraphed for posterity. Packing and postage included.

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Exclusive preview of the film

Watch the film and discover who's in it before it's released to everyone and their dog.

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Your name in the credits! Plus poster.

Your name will appear in the credits sequence at the end of the film, as effectively you are co-producing it. You will also receive the planet-saving certificate, which might come in useful one day.

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