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Wandsworth Climate Hub is a lively community centre for groups and residents who want to address the impact of the changing climate.

by Marta in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 30th June 2022 we'd raised £350 with 10 supporters in 56 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Wandsworth’s first Climate Hub in a space in Southside Shopping centre has a core mission to inform residents about the climate and ecological emergency, why the timing is critical and what can be done about it.

It’s likely nowadays that most people have some idea what the climate emergency is, but very little idea how serious it is, or what to do about it personally or collectively or the many ways there are to act.


Following pressure from The 10,000 with their 12,500 strong petition, Wandsworth Council declared a climate emergency in 2019. The council is currently working on reducing its own emissions by 2030. We estimate the council’s emissions to be about 10% of the overall borough-wide emissions, leaving 90% for businesses and residents needing to tackle and support in order to migrate to a zero-carbon economy.

We intend our hub to be a welcoming space where people come to share ideas, information and resources that help address the climate emergency. A place for groups from across Wandsworth to meet and connect and collaborate in mindful response. We aim to present possible, positive changes to our visitors through our interlocking aims of support, education, hope, solutions and community.

1) Education - a variety of local and national groups to demonstrate their projects showing aspects of the climate and ecological emergency. They will focus on issues including minimizing waste, preserve natural open spaces and raise awareness and understanding of environmental issues and solutions.

2) Solutions - the solutions we’ll offer are already largely out there and known about so we aim to offer expert advice and provide choices for visitors on a wide range of topics. Demonstrate how people can be empowered to take choices on practical and helpful climate solutions. Advice and support on transitioning to a low carbon diet, changes in home activities, and explaining that some of them are simple, like how to minimise food waste and cut down on single-use plastic. We intend to encourage people to walk and cycle more, become involved in tree planting, growers groups and ask for green walls in their buildings to improve air quality and so raise awareness and take action through greening and active travel. Essential advice on energy fuel switching, debt alleviation, energy saving tips and home surveys.

3) Community - by using the hub as a focal point for our mission we look to bring in all sectors of society and be apolitical. A place where positive community projects can be planned, to imagine possible futures together. Somewhere to find a project to volunteer for or to develop an idea with the support of others. A diverse range of groups can bring in ideas to be brainstormed, shared and pitched. In a community space which is open and honors respectful discussion on how we can show our care for our environment. As other groups come on board into the space, first through their posters and leaflets, and take a slot on the event programme, we will create a constantly changing buzz of exhibits, outreach and meetings - a reason for passing traffic to enter and engage. We hope food will come online alongside the activities as it will play a central role for our community outreach. Also adult learning services, young people and schools are integral to the work we’d like to develop.

1651705091_6f65da37-7e96-47fb-a432-7fec547fb43e.jpg4) Hope - by finding a friendly space with welcoming non-confrontational and blame-free literature, information and guidance, to provide access to a way of thinking that minimises our environmental impact.

5) Support - holding kind, compassionate, empathetic listening, non-judgemental discussions that connect with others who understand the desperation all of us feel about the climate and natural emergencies, and to help envision a sustainable way for all life. 

The Hub will host regular pop-up style events and talks from guest speakers. Conversations are one of the principal solutions for climate change, so having an open and friendly place we are aiming to run stakeholder/community assemblies where local residents and businesses to share ideas on climate action and then offer space on the programme to other climate action groups in the borough to develop a coalition of interests which help build and strengthen our community’s resilience. Running workshops will help local groups and individuals network as we generate ideas together for future developments, amplify each other's messages and see the bigger picture.

A big part of the the first wave of activities will come from Crew Energy

CREW Energy is a Wandsworth based, not-for-profit community benefit society. It has close working relationships with Wandsworth Council’s climate action and communities team. CREW offers renewables and energy efficiency delivery services. It also has a community outreach team that offers energy advice and goes into schools to talk about climate action.



● Climate Action by the community for the community

● excite and inspire residents with the wealth of solutions to tackle climate change

● one stop shop’ for information about current environmental projects

● be a safe and inclusive space to learn skills that help empower resilience

● investing in a longer term view, embrace a homemade life to be more in-touch with nature

● accessible climate action/solutions in low and high-tech ways

● we aim to be a place for positive solutions and for learning. A place where everyone is welcome.

What are we raising the money for?

We want to make the hub a fun place to be and a spot for local organisations to organise events, workshops, talks, art exhibitions, etc. We therefore need essential equipment like projector, screen, chairs, hangers, coffee machine, bookshelf, anything that can make the space friendly and useful for local organisers and show climate solutions in an engaging way. We also want to attract more people to the hub and that means investment in promotion and marketing.  


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