Climate Emergency! Fergal for MP is Fighting back

by Fergal McEntee in London, England, United Kingdom

Climate Emergency! Fergal for MP is Fighting back

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Help get Fergal elected to fight climate change and build a better future for all.

by Fergal McEntee in London, England, United Kingdom

Our political system is failing us and failing humanity1717346126_fergal_caroline_2024_v1.jpg

With the climate, ecological emergency, housing crisis, water crisis, cost of living crisis, crumbing NHS, UK Government main political parties supporting the Israel war machine, parliament needs a more diverse range of MPs with different skill-sets that are not afraid to call out status quo. 

Climate Emergency 

Climate breakdown is accelerating, the UK is experiencing record extremes from 40.3 degrees in July 2022 to vast areas of farmland in 2024 unable to produce crops due to record rains. Business as usual is having dire irreversible consequences and urgent emergency action is required to educate and inform the public on the scale of the crisis and to take action. 

I am standing as the Putney Green Party parliamentary candidate to highlight the true urgency of the climate emergency we are now living through and more importantly to fight for workable solutions. The Green party is the largest party that truly grasps the scale of the challenges we face and whose scient based policies offer the most realistic chance of success. 

We need to disrupt the current system and make something better and bolder, where people are happy and cared for and where planet-friendly choices are at the centre of everything we do. 

Nature and biodiversity 

UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the World. Nature is not protected in law. impunity. But nature has no legal rights. 

I will campaign for the Rights of Nature Act and for the renationalisation of private water companies that pollute our rivers and seas. 

Electoral reform

In Europe, only the UK and Belarus still use the archaic single-round First past the post (FPTP) for general elections. This suits Labour and Tories but results in millions of disenfranchised voters. I will campaign for electoral reform and a fairer voting system where every vote matters.

Broken Housing System

Everyone deserves a warm, secure, and affordable home. That’s how to build stronger communities and better lives for all. We are in midst of a housing crisis. 

The other political parties are collectively failing to provide adequate housing. I will campaign for renters' rights and affordable housing whilst reducing the dependency on Temporary Accommodation.


The NHS is crumbling and waiting lists are the longest since the formation of the NHS. I will champion to end the backdoor selloff of our NHS by both Tories and Labour and bring the NHS back into full public ownership for the benefit of all. 


I am appalled by the atrocities and inhumanity we have witnessed in Palestine over the last 9 months. Both Keir Starmer and Rishi Sunak have let Palestinians down, by failing to call out war crimes when they have clearly been happening before our eyes. I will call for an immediate ceasefire and for the UK Government to cease all arms exports to Israel. 

Funds needed

To get our message out as wide as possible, we are running an active campaign and need your help both financially and out on the streets. Ideally both!

I am raising funds for my campaign to get leaflets into every house, shop, flat and schools and to get window posters printed. Even a small donation helps. 

If you want to help by volunteering some time to the campaign than brilliant as there is lots to do. Please get in contact, my details are below. 


As a highly qualified renewable energy professional, surveyor and an environmental campaigner, I bring a wealth of experience and understanding of what actions needs to be taken. 

Your vote is your voice – be true to yourself and vote what your heart believes in and not what you are told to do. And remember there is no such thing as a wasted vote. The more votes for green policies, the more they are discussed and adopted by other parties. 

Thank you for your support


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