Help me take creative strides with photography!

by Chloe Ambrose in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Help me take creative strides with photography!

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Ever lost touch with a part of yourself? Help me reconnect with my love for creative photography by supporting my equipment Crowdfunder.

by Chloe Ambrose in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom

Since the age of seven, photography has been a platform for my creative expression. However, with outdated tools and a pandemic, I haven’t quite felt like personally taking fun pictures any more.

So, an idea sprung to me.... ⬇️


What if I offered local businesses, solo-entrepreneurs, friends and family a one-off photoshoot in exchange for funding my photography equipment Crowdfunder goal! Which means you get a bunch of new photos for a heavily discounted price and I get the opportunity to reignite my love of photography AND finally update my photography equipment. Yes!

You're also more than welcome to simply support my Crowdfunder campaign by donating. All non-reward donations will receive a huge heart-felt thank you from me and will be entered (if local to Cambridge) into a one hour shoot draw. The winner will be announced once we meet our target. 🎉🎉🎉

Here's what I'm planning on investing in: 

💡A new camera body 

💡Two new lenses 

💡A photography backdrop

💡Videography tools (if I reach my stretch target)

In exchange for: 

📷 A personal brand photoshoot 

📷 Product or workshop shots

📷 Team photos and headshots

📷 Family photos 

📷 Social media content snaps

Want to see some examples? Get in touch to see more specific examples or here's a few below!




✨ Here's how the Crowdfunder works: ✨
Share what you can towards my Crowdfunder or pick from a selection of my photography-based rewards. Then simply drop me a message to get your date booked in. Dates are first come first served and shoots will commence when we reach our Crowdfunder target. Most reward options are only available within Cambridge, but do get in contact if you have any other ideas and I can recommend an alternative option. More details on what each reward includes can be found in the rewards section. You'll also see all rewards state an amount or 'more' where you're welcome to donate more for that particular award if you wish. ✨

Note - Crowdfunder will ask you for a 'tip' which you can opt out of by pressing 'custom' and selecting 0. I want to make sure these shoots are as affordable as possible and with £25 being their minimum tip (for them) I thought this important to note. 

I'm so excited to be offering this opportunity and I hope we can work together so we can all benefit! If you're not in a position to donate then please consider sharing this online or with someone you know who might be looking for an affordable shoot or looking to support a creative adventure. Thank you. 

Right, let's get cracking shall we!

Find out more about me via Linkedin or my website where you can find more about my content, consultancy and workshop services. It'd be great to see you over there. 👋


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£15 or more

A personal thank you and raffle entry!

Thank you! Every supporter who contributes within the £15-£249 bracket will be entered into an exciting raffle to win a 45 minute photoshoot including 25 edited photos. Not looking for something in return? Then thank you, thank you for supporting this next venture of mine. I greatly appreciate it.

£250 or more

2 of 10 claimed

45 minute shoot in Cambridge!

Enjoy a short and sweet shoot in a central Cambridge spot and come away with 25 edited photos for you to use across your business or to simply print and hang up at home! This is a great option for those looking for a quick personal brand shoot, product shots or family photos.

£350 or more

0 of 10 claimed

Two hour shoot in Cambridge

Let's get together for a longer shoot in Cambridge! Are you looking to update staff headshots, website imagery, create a bank of content or simply come away with more photos? Select this reward to give us a bit more time and to come away with all edited photos - that's a minimum of 50 glorious images for you to use! Phoar!

£500 or more

1 of 5 claimed

Your full half-day shoot!

Based in East Anglia, London, or simply need more time with me? Pledge my highest reward to cover this photography-intensive session and travel expenses to your office/event. This pledge gives you all images and video captured from a 3-4 hour session - that's a lot of content for you to use! This is great for businesses wanting to cover a lot of ground, including some video, in one shoot.

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