Children's books on organ donation into print

by Lucinda Roberts in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Children's books on organ donation into print
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Print and distribute free copies of my children's books on organ donation into hospitals & libraries

by Lucinda Roberts in Falmouth, England, United Kingdom

Would you accept an organ transplant for yourself or someone you love?

You would – right?

Help me get my children’s books on organ donation into print and then distributed FREE to every school, library, transplant hospital in the UK.

Without a life-saving liver transplant in 2017, I would have died. Though my donor will always remain anonymous to me, I thank her for every single day of my new life.

Organ failure can happen to anyone, young or old, healthy or unhealthy. Life isn’t picky. For those left fighting for their life, an organ transplant can mean everything.

I was lucky enough to be able to receive a split donor liver. Still, there remains a shortage of organs available for both children and adults across the UK. (6,000 at the last count.) Presumed Consent is becoming the norm in the UK, but even that is no panacea for the organ shortage.

I’ve already written three children's books about organ donation and chronic disease. Now I’m seeking funding to get these books into print and out into the world where they can do good: teaching, de-mystifying & de-stigmatising. I believe that through storytelling, and a sensitive approach, we can reshape our cultural thinking, teaching children to accept and even embrace organ donation.

The first of my children's books, 'Lucy's Liver Transplant - A Story About Organ Donation' is now on the Kindle and is in eight different languages. But I would love for it to be in print so that those without access to the internet could read and share it.

Who Will Benefit

Nelson Mandela said,

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

These books are for every person and every family that starts to talk about and learn about chronic diseases, failing organs, and impending transplants.

Using the Funds

£1000 will cover the edited checks needed to make sure everything is accurate. (I’m still in recovery so mistakes can happen.) £2000 will go to the layout, set out, and checks by the book printers.

£4,000 will go towards the initial print run of 'Lucy’s Liver Transplant', which will include a book for every UK hospital (168) and one for as many libraries as we can. Hopefully some copies of the second book too.

£3000 will pay my illustrator for working with me.

As soon as I have sufficient funds, I will begin printing. It would be great to have the book ready for Christmas. I have been lucky enough to work with a wonderful illustrator who undertook this work in good faith, knowing that it would be some time before I could repay him.

The Impact

Getting my books into print will make them far more accessible than through Kindle. Through this campaign, you can help me turn my dream into a reality!

Final thoughts

I am grateful for every contribution. To express my gratitude, you will get to know that you may just have saved a life.

To view or buy the book, check out Lucy's Liver Transplant - A Story About Organ Donation. There you will also find information on me and my story.

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A little about me - Lucinda

Writer, 'wanna be' artist and adventurer. In 2017 a stranger saved my life with a liver transplant after an autoimmune disease destroyed my own. My life up until the transplant was a challenge due to my poor health. There were no guarantees that I would be able to have a transplant due to my rare blood type and another existing health condition. As my health deteriorated I hated what my failing health was doing to my family. The suffering it was causing them. I decided I wanted to try to stop other families from having to go through what mine had. I realised that the time to have learnt about organ donation was as a child. 

This is because children are far more open to sensitive concepts like organ donation than their older counterparts. I also believe that stories have a magical ability to educate as well as encourage imagination. I have always loved making up and telling stories, and to have my books in print is part of my way of thanking all of those who have helped me get here, into this incredible second chance at life. Due to the nature of my incurable autoimmune disease, I may need another transplant, and for that reason, I am keen to try to get my books into print as soon as possible in case my health took a dive again. Carpe diem.



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