Help Vinny and George keep the coffee flowing :)

by Susie Thornhill in London, England, United Kingdom

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Please help Vinny and George survive COVID and keep the coffee flowing into the next Chapter.

by Susie Thornhill in London, England, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 1st August 2020 we'd raised £486 with 16 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Please help us keep our dream of Chapter Coffee Roasters going. We're relatively new to West Kensington but even so we've built a great team, we feel part of the community and we've managed to win a number of Great Taste Awards. We know we can prosper in the future, but we need your help to get through this crisis.

We were delighted that The Mayor of London chose Chapter Coffee House as the first business to visit after lockdown (2nd July 2020).  Vinny & George chatted with him about his "London is Open" mantra and how grateful we are to be part of his Pay It Forward crowdfunding campaign.1593699118_img_5977.jpg

We don't believe in money for nothing so we've put together a list of special offers and exciting new experiences as rewards for anyone who helps us to save our beloved coffee house. You can buy for yourself, as a gift for friends and family, or we've even got some NHS thank you packages.

Our passion for our business started with us as individuals. (To learn more please take a look at the video above.)

Vinny: "My journey to roasting my own coffee started age 9 at Papa's roastery in Brazil. I like to think every cup of coffee at Chapter has in it the skill and attention to detail I learnt from my Papa. He taught me that each bean is individual and you can sense what the coffee needs by listening to it at its peak tasting point, known in Brazil as the 'first crack'. My skills have developed alongside new technologies and my goal is to use them to create the most delicious coffee for my fellow Londoners at our Coffee House in West Ken."

George: "I love cakes and baking. After years of delivering sweet treats across London and beyond I was in search of the perfect coffee to go with them. That's when I found Vinny roasting in his back garden, the rest they say is history, but we want to keep adding to that story!"

We have found an equally passionate team to help us build up Chapter Coffee House into the community hub we've dreamt of. Just before Covid-19 hit we'd struck the winning combination. During lock-down our priority stayed the same as it always has been:

Take care of our team, keep our coffee tasting great for everyone in need of that perfect cup and make sure everyone helping us can take care of their most important assets: their people.

Now we are asking you, our loyal customers, friends, Chapter Coffee and Story Time family extended family of wonderful suppliers and Londoners in general for support. We want to be there for you when you need a take-away coffee, a friendly chat, or an amazing breakfast. Supporting us in this way will ensure that we are here for you when we all get back on our feet. With your help we can look forward to that day!

We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see Crowdfunder's Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.


This project offered rewards

£22 or more

1kg Hemingway Coffee from Vinny's family's farm

Our best selling Hemingway beans, from a single origin estate in Brazil, produce a coffee with a well-rounded acidity, a pleasant sweetness and a good complexity. Most importantly the beans come from Vinny's family's farm, which is why we can offer them at this spectacular price for a speciality coffee. Pledge £22 so we can immediately roast them in West Kensington and prepare them for collection or send them by courier at no extra cost.

£5 or more

Three espresso coffees from award-winning beans

Three delicious espresso coffees of your choice using our award winning Chapter Coffee beans that are roasted on the premises in West Kensington. Collect in person either together or one by one!

£9 or more

Three x double scoop Gelatos or Sorbets

Three double-scoop organic gelato or sorbet of your choice in a cup or cone (of which we even have a gluten free option) from Chapter Coffee House. They are produced by Ariela, a passionate Italian lady, and many of them have also received Great Taste Awards. A perfect way to cool down after lock-down

£10 or more

Pick Me Up - Two Coffees and Two Bacon Butties

What better way to start your morning than to collect two delicious Chapter coffees and two scrumptious bacon butties from the roastery in West Kensington. Thank you in advance for your support.

£10 or more

Pick me up Gift to NHS Staff

Two Coffees and Two Bacon Butties. What better way to show your appreciation of our amazing NHS staff than by buying forward 2 delicious Chapter coffees and two scrumptious bacon butties. The moment we receive your pledge, we will make these special rewards available to our local NHS workers (we are situated between Charing Cross Hospital and Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. Thank you for your support of both the NHS and Chapter Coffee House

£12 or more

A Huskee - Award Winning reusable cup and lid

Your own Huskee reusable coffee cup and lid, which is made from coffee husks, an organic waste material that's produced during the milling stage of coffee production. By using your Huskee Cup you will be recycling a bi-product from the coffee industry, which would otherwise end up in landfill sites. PLEDGE NOW so we can dispatch it with no extra postage & packaging fee OR collect it with a FREE coffee from Chapter Coffee House.

£12 or more

Two Sundaes using Ariela's organic gelatos/sorbets

Once we reopen as bistro/cafe, we will serve your two spectacular gelato/sorbet SUNDAES. Choose on arrival from our "Coffee Concoction", "Story Time Brownie Sundae" or "Fabulous Fruit Sorbet Sundae".

£14 or more

2 packs of 250g Chapter Coffee, beans or grounds

Choose to collect two x 250g packs of your choice of home roasted Chapter coffee - whole beans or ground - and we will give you a FREE coffee to go. No worries if you can't collect from West Kensington, we can send you the coffee within a week of receiving your pledge.

£20 or more


No reward for this pledge - purely the knowledge that you are supporting an independent small business in West Kensington that needs help to survive. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.

£20 or more

NHS Buy Forward

Pledge £20 to enable an NHS worker (showing their ID) to get a delicious coffee of their choice for FREE. Your pledge will provide 12 coffees. All they need to do is show their NHS ID. Thanks in advance for supporting them and us!

£26 or more

A V60 dripper, filter papers and 2 x 250g Coffee

You will receive 2 packs of 250g Chapter Coffee of your choice and to make sure there is no delay to you drinking your delicious coffee we are including a V60 dripper and a pack of 40 filter papers. PLEDGE NOW so we can prepare this for collection in West Kensington or dispatch by courier with our thanks at no extra cost.

£28 or more

1 kg of great value, award winning, Chapter Coffee

Excellent price for 1 kg home roasted Chapter Coffee of choice of blends or single estate and your choice of whole beans or ground. PLEDGE NOW so you can collect it from West Kensington with a FREE take away coffee OR we can dispatch it with no extra charges for postage and package.

£30 or more

Chapter House Breakfast for Two with coffees & OJ

Pledge now and receive your reward when we reopen as bistro/cafe. Full house English Breakfast for two with freshly squeezed orange juice and your choice of coffees. Choose any dish on the menu at Chapter Coffee House in West Kensington to put a spring in your step at the start of your day. We look forward to serving your a delicious meal as a reward for your support.

£50 or more

"How to taste Coffee" workshop for 2 with 2 x 250g

"How to taste Coffee" for two - join our evening tasting (max 10 people) at Chapter Coffee's home in West Kensington to: a) discover the three main flavours of coffee b) learn how to train your palate c) discover where the coffee you like sits on the wheel. After which you will each take home a pack of 250g of Chapter coffee, which you can choose after the tasting. Perfect as a gift for you and your best friend!

£50 or more

Chapter Latte Art workshop for 2 + 2 x 250g coffee

Pledge £50 now to join one of our "Latte Art Bootcamp" 2 hour class at Chapter Coffee Roasters home in West Kensington. Our expert barista will share their knowledge to show you how to make latte art from zero to creating a butterfly. You will learn how to make it look easy and take home the secret of homemade latte art. Finally, you will each leave with 250g pack of Chapter coffee of your choice.

£60 or more

"Everything starts from espresso" Workshop for Two

Reserve two places on our "Everything starts from Espresso" 2 hour class at Chapter Coffee Roasters home in West Kensington. Our expert barista will teach you: a) How coffee is grown b) What steps it goes through before ending up in the roaster c) Different stages of the roasting process d) Pulling a shot on our fabulous Sanremo espesso machine and e) Creating that important crema on top. You will each leave with 250g pack of coffee.

£60 or more

"Home Brew" Workshop for Two with expert barista

Book you and your friend onto our "Home Brew" class (max 10 attendees) in Chapter's West Kensington home. Learn how to a) choose your coffee and method of brewing it. b) How to taste coffee c) what characteristics you can appreciate in good coffee and how this is absent in bad coffees and d) some mad science - ask the internet how to make coffee. You each get a 250g pack of Chapter Coffee and 20% off home brew equipment bought that night

£60 or more

Boozy Brunch for Two with a Jug of cocktails

Pledge £60 to receive a yummy brunch for two with a jug of Mimosa or Bloody Mary cocktails plus a pot of tea and/or your choice of Chapter coffees. You will have to wait longer for this reward until we reopen as a bistro/cafe but we promise it will be worth the wait for your mail meal, cocktails, orange juice, coffees and a Story Time cake to top it all off.

£80 or more

Six months subscription of 2 x 250g packs

A Chapter 250 Subscription. Take out this six months subscription and we will give you the first month's coffee for free. You choose which Chapter Coffee you want and every month you will receive them through the post. PLEDGE NOW and we will send you your first month's coffee within the week.

£80 or more

"Insomnia Cocktail Class and Tasting" for Two

Join our evening cocktail class (max 10 guests) to ensure you won't want to sleep that night. Espresso Martinis, Coffee Negronis, Irish Coffees, Quick Death and other cocktails with Tea. Our mixologist will demonstrate these cocktails and you will create (and obviously taste) your own under his watchful eye. Leave with enough caffeine to party the night away.

£125 or more

Six months subscription for 1kg bag each month

Our 1kg Subscription. Take out a six months subscription and we will give you the first month's coffee for free. You choose which Chapter Coffee you want and every month you will receive 1kg by courier.

£150 or more

Become a Chapter barista for the day

Shadow one of our expert baristas to experience a day in the life of a working cafe. Arrive before we open to learn how to calibrate the grinders and dial in our amazing Sanremo espresso coffee machine. Watch how the various coffees are made. Explanation, demonstration, imitation and repetition will be the mantra for the day. Finally you will learn latte art as the crown glory to your coffee making skills. A perfect way to support us.

£250 or more

Chapter Super Supporter - 10% discount for a year

Pledge now and reap your reward for A YEAR. As a Chapter Super Supporter you will immediately receive a 10% discount for you and a guest for a year. This will include anything you can buy at our West Kensington home. Freshly home-roasted award-winning coffee beans, delicious coffees, healthy immune-enhancing drinks, yummy organic gelatos and sorbets and when we reopen as cafe/bistro delicious breakasts, brunches, lunches and teas...

£300 or more

Exclusive Coffee Roasting Training

Pledge £300 for an exclusive roasting session with our master roaster at Chapter Coffee's home in West Kensington. You will receive detailed instructions of the roasting process and see the beans transformed in front of your eyes. Either bring your own green beans to roast or choose a kilo of beans at the end of the lesson. Contact us to arrange the most appropriate date and time. Only five of these will be sold so pledge quickly!

£540 or more

VIP coffee lover - one coffee day for a year

Visit us every day for one year and save a fortune, while at the same time getting seriously delicious coffee and excellent service as one of our VIP Coffee Lovers! Pledge today and start collecting your coffees from the 1st July.....

£1,000 or more

Spectacular Supporter - 1 years 20% discount

Become our ONE of our SPECTACULAR SUPPORTER and receive a 20% discount for you and one guest for a year. This discount will be available on everything you can buy at our West Kensington base. Home-roasted, award-winning coffee beans, delicious espresso coffees, healthy immune-enhancing shots, yummy organic gelatos and sorbets and when the government allows us to reopen as cafe/bistro delicious breakfasts, brunches, lunches and teas.

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