Letter to Zion

by Cephas Williams in London, England, United Kingdom

Letter to Zion


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by Cephas Williams in London, England, United Kingdom

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Ayo Owolabi 7th August 2021

Thanks for doing a great job to change the world for better. A new world where no one will be judged by the colour of their skin or the tone of their voice or the name they are called, but by the content of their character.

Barb Dix 2nd July 2021

Thank you for your sacrifices. Thank you for giving your time, voice, energy, creativity, persistence, networks .... for what you do for us now and for all our futures 🙏🏽

Ekua Nyarko Brown 22nd May 2021

Brother I honour everything that you are doing for the community and the world. On behalf of your son we thank you for the beginning of this mighty legacy. May God guide and support you on your path.❤🙏🏾

Tamara Giltsoff 6th May 2021

Massive respect to you. It's time. And you are a big part of the change. Your approach is elegant and inspiring. I have hope we will achieve the systemic and cultural shifts required but it is up to many of us, mostly/particularly white people, to take responsibility and to drive the change.

Johanne Penney 25th April 2021

This is a movement not a moment. Cephas your words and action are going to shift the dial. As a Black woman working in this space I speak and move exactly the same as you, which meant your words in your letter resonated so deeply. I do this for our kids growing up to really know what it means to be equal regardless of the colour of their skin. But we have work to do!

Simon Allison 3rd April 2021

I love how coordinated and focused this idea is, and the understanding of what we must all commit to for lasting change to happen.

Julie Doxsee Morris 29th March 2021

I believe that systemic racism and sexism are the 2 most pressing issues of our time. As a white woman I want to support Letter to Zion because it is important for me to support the black community to make sure THEIR voice is heard and understood.

Juliette Wilson 29th March 2021

Thank you for taking the time to raise awareness. I have walked pass the poster as I commute throughout this pandemic without knowing the reason behind it... Keep positive & keep up your work

Maureen Lamothe 27th March 2021

As a black woman brought up in care. I find it hard to speak up about issues that arise effecting black people by the look white people as if to say watch what you say. So thanks to you I’m able to say when something is wrong. Which is a shame as it shouldn’t be that way. So thanks.🙏💕

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