Celebration of Robert Tressell

by raggytrousers in Liverpool

Celebration of Robert Tressell
We did it
On 23rd February 2016 we successfully raised £1,840 with 120 supporters in 28 days

Help restore the grave of Robert Tressell; a working class hero, whose voice of compassion has taught many to hope for a better future.

by raggytrousers in Liverpool

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Bill Jones 4th February 2016

I heard about this cause on Radio Merseyside and having been loaned a well worn copy of the book by an 'honest christian bricklayer' friend, the fund raising struck a chord with me. Best wishes in the restoration, I will seek the grave out to view the work.

Mark Freeman 3rd February 2016

Very pleased to support this, and I look forward to visiting the restored grave. Tressell was one of the formative influences on me when I was becoming politically aware in the late 1980s/early 1990s. I also remember reading this account of the stone being put there back in the 1970s: http://hwj.oxfordjournals.org/content/12/1/163.full.pdf

Ruth Knight 30th January 2016

Finished this book today and seems so appropriate that this crowd funder has also appeared today!! Amazing book - changed my life! So grateful to be able to donate to such a wonderful deed!!

chris 29th January 2016

I was educated in the USA in the 50's and 60's - needless to say I really didn't know much about socialism, communism or capitalism. Reading this book when I first came to the UK has made me a life long member of the Labour Party and my trade union. Thank you for ensuring Robert Tressell is still respected and remembered.

Trish 29th January 2016

Reading this book changed my life having been 'persuaded' to buy it at a Labour Party jumble sale in the early 1980's. I already knew I was a Socialist, but this book formulated my understanding of why and what could be done to make the world a fairer place. I am still spreading the word and only recently a friend read the book for the first time and it has transformed his way of thinking too. His words went on and their importance are still being felt. Good luck!

Stephen Allman 29th January 2016

A book and author that continues to articulate the feelings and predicaments of so many. As relevant today as when it was written. Proud to have made a small contribution to help with this .

Chris Barber 28th January 2016

Fantastic idea! I only live up the road from Rice Lane Farm and look forward to seeing the progress, even helping. Keep us all informed please and good luck!!

lee fowler 28th January 2016

The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists book was awarded to me on my 21st Birthday by The Liverpool Construction Branch EPIU. Funny how I held true the beliefs in this book and found out only 3 years ago I had been placed on The Construction Blacklist. 3213 of us in total. Only about 750 have been traced and our case will be heard at the Royal Courts Of Justice in mid May. Derisory compensation offers have been made to keep this out of court and away from the media. Our silence will not be bought. No Justice, No Peace!

Kofi Smith 28th January 2016

Very happy to support this. For many of us, and from a British/Irish working class socialist point of view, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists is simply the most important book ever written. Beneath its folds we'll live and die.

kevin 28th January 2016

This is an incredible response. An excellent example of the TRUE philanthropy of socialism and a testament to the enduring relevance of The RTP. I never had the pleasure of meeting your father Faye, but he did sterling work in ensuring that Tressell will never be forgotten. I'm sure that he would have been thrilled to hear of new research which suggests that Tressell has greater Liverpool links than was previously thought. A 'Bob Tressell Festival' is being planned for Liverpool on April 28th (International Workers Memorial Day)

Faye Nettleton  27th January 2016

My dad, John Nettleton and his friend Alan o Toole originally found Tressell's grave back in the early 80's when it was an unmarked paupers grave. They were instrumental in the laying of that headstone. I can remember it being laid all those years ago. My dad would be so proud that people still care about the preservation of the grave if he were still alive.

Martin Cross 27th January 2016

My father often said this was the book that won the 1945 election for Labour, particularly amongst servicemen like him. A great hero, who deserves to be remembered.

Steve Tunstall 27th January 2016

I believe this to be a very important project, well done for taking the time and trouble to do this. We need to lionise our heroes, Tressell's book has captured the imaginations of so many people, and is so important to the creation of a fairer society. Another world is possible.

Mike Hassan 26th January 2016

Me and my father paid a visit to the grave a couple of years ago. It's a pleasure to support any project that highlights the importance of a mans contribution to the revolution of socialist thought in Britain and the election of Clem Attlee. Now more than ever do we need to spread the message of the Ragged Trousered Philanthropists in order to re ignite the flames of hope.


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