CDGP electoral and environmental campaign funding.

by Canterbury District Green Party in Whitstable, Kent, United Kingdom

CDGP electoral and environmental campaign funding.


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Your donation will fund our campaign to get more Greens elected in 2023 so we can influence local policies to address the climate emergency.

by Canterbury District Green Party in Whitstable, Kent, United Kingdom

New stretch target

Produce leaflets and newsletters for everyone in the District to persuade more and more voters with our messages until the Green Party has a majority on the Council. Fund our campaigns like the current one of buying and using kits to test water quality and publish the results, holding Souther Water to account for discharging thousands of tonnes of raw sewage into the sea.

Our local council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and we, Canterbury District Green Party, are determined to make sure more action is taken to address it. But we are few and we need your help!

£10 covers the cost of a water quality test so we can check for hazards like E.Coli and publish the results, holding our sewage-spilling water company to account. It's a disgrace that companies nationwide are routinely discharging untreated effluent into our waters. Let's increase the pressure on them to invest their profits in maintaining and improving their equipment to treat sewage properly by continuing our regular testing of water quality in the District.

£5 from 20 people will help us print a thousand leaflets to get more Green councillors elected in May 2023. It's great that our first – Clare Turnbull – was elected in November 2021, representing Gorrell ward in Whitstable. Now we have our sights on more! We know people are ready to vote Green but we need to reach them with our leaflets.  

Just £2 will help pay for adverts to draw attention to this crowdfunder. Seed the movement to save our planet. Think globally, act locally.  

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