A property to live in and utilise and funds needed

by Tiffany Dodd in Altrincham, England, United Kingdom

A property to live in and utilise and funds needed

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A year ago, I had a life change, becoming a content creator/videographer on social media. I have a need to help the disadvantaged.

by Tiffany Dodd in Altrincham, England, United Kingdom

A property to live in and utilise and funds needed to continue rescuing and influencing.

A year ago, I had a life change, becoming a content creator/videographer on social media. I have a need to help the disadvantaged, be it animals or people and am using my creativity to do so. I've started my journey with stray and street cats.

These are some comments from my videos on YouTube:

  • "Best cat rescue channel on Youtube!"
  • "This should be in theaters. That poor cat. And what bothers me most are the other callers wanting nothing more than to turn her into a biological ATM machine to sell her babies. This has to be the best rescue I've ever heard of or seen to date."
  • "Heartbroken, weepy, hopeful, even more weepy... what a rollercoaster of emotions this video takes you on! "
  • "I loved this story of Picasso’s rescue. It was the most enjoyable rescue video I ever watched on YouTube. Thank you for saving him and letting him live with you in his golden years.
  • "So many emotions ran through me in 17 minutes.... I thank God for you."

I believe I can help many, many more cats indirectly by videoing and sharing each rescue cat's journey.

I have been independently rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming homeless cats in Manchester, UK for a few years before producing these videos. I am not a charity so receive no funding. I rely on donations.


About a year ago, I started uploading videos online of each rescue. Funnily enough, at the age of 16, because of my love of all animals, I made a video about a rescue shelter. That should have been my life path, I just didn't realise at the time. I'm sure many others, say the same.


Instead, I went to university and gained my BA in Graphic Design, moved from a small coastal town in Australia, called Noosa Heads, to London. There I designed magazines. I then became a self-employed antique dealer/restorer before finally having the realisation that I am here to make a difference to animals and lives.

My Irish, late father was an Architect and involved in local government, protecting the environment in Noosa Heads. As children, we were always on the move to his next, creative project. Ireland to all over Australia including one of his finest on Sydney Harbour. Like my father, I love to learn, create, develop and make a difference.


CLICK IMAGE to watch the above video on YouTube.

I made a conscious decision to rescue one cat at a time, so I can give that cat my undivided attention (whilst watching matters and finances do not spiral out of control). All the cats I rescue need concentrated help recovering from their past experiences. Some have been abandoned, others have never lived in a home. Some have been neglected or abused.

Proudly, I have never had a cat returned after rehoming as I am very thorough in rehabilitation and finding the right forever home.

I uploaded the rescue videos on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

As planned, it has had a ripple effect. Many people have written to me saying, I inspired them to finally rescue a cat and they have followed my steps. Others have adopted rather than bought a cat. Some have finally invited the local stray into their home. People have asked for rehabilitation advice so they can help their cat rather than surrender it.


CLICK IMAGE to watch the above video on YouTube.

I broach different topics with each video;

  • Street cats are just like any other cat, they just want to be loved.
  • The huge number of cats living on the streets in the UK and how much they are struggling. Adopt don't shop.
  • Stray cats need more than just feeding. They need rescuing.
  • Do not leave rescuing a cat for years until it's too late.
  • Cats need to be neutered/spayed.
  • Don't presume a street cat is feral, even if they have a tipped ear.
  • Don't advertise cats for free because of the dangers (dogbaiters/backyard breeders).
  • The health problems the cats suffer from living on the streets.
  • How to make a cat happy.
  • Have patience with rehabilitation.
  • Love is the answer. Cats can be rehabilitated with this alone.

I have got quite a large following now.

39K on Instagram.

89K Facebook.

11.4K on my new YouTube channel (longer videos).





I receive donations and 'watch time' payments from YouTube. These are minimal at the moment but I know as I continue to grow, this will increase. Over the years, I have used my savings to fund helping cats, but it isn't sustainable and the coffers are empty, so I'm now looking for assistance.

A major problem is space. I am renting a house that is no longer affordable and am looking for an alternative. I'm not in a position to buy. I have two rescue cats myself (Picasso and Madonna) and want an extra room that I can keep a rescued cat in for rehabilitation, recovery from spaying/neutering etc and then rehoming.


If anyone has an empty house I can live in with internet connection, in a safe location, with a garden, away from busy roads and in or close to a town or city, please let me know. I am openminded to location. I have a life partner of thirty odd years, who is also going for a life change project. We compliment and help each other where we can and between us hold a number of passports (European, American). I am looking for a property or very cheap rental so I can put all my efforts in to rescuing cats and making influential videos.

My intention is to help animals and people in need and raise awareness through videos.

Can you help me to help them?

Please see my videos on YouTube to see what I can do.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Thank you.

Tiffany Dodd


Manchester, UK.




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