Cash for Kids (West Scotland)

RCN SC003334, Clydebank

Cash for Kids in West Scotland has one objective: to support the most vulnerable children in our communities who are the innocent victims of the growing epidemic of child poverty.

Cash for Kids (West Scotland)

Cash for Kids is the charity of the radio stations Clyde 1 & Clyde 2 in Glasgow & the West; West FM and Westsound in Ayrshire and Westsound in Dumfries & Galloway.

Child poverty is sadly on the increase. The cost of living is going up, the pandemic has hit people hard and an increasing number of families are being tipped into poverty or even reaching crisis point.

Having a job isn't always enough and in this past year the phrase 'working poor' is something we have heard many times being used by the beneficiaries we work with.

According to a 2021 Scottish Government publication (Poverty and Income Inequality in Scotland 2017-20), two thirds of children in poverty live in working households. 

The estimated number of children in relative poverty after housing costs who were living in working households was 68%...that's 160,000 children, shocking statistics, wouldn't you agree?! 

In-work poverty is now 'stable at a high level'.

Our mission at Cash for Kids is to support the most vulnerable children in our local communities. Every donation counts and 100% of your donations and fundraising support goes straight back out to support the families who need it most. 


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