Carter's Cancer Journey

by Carter's Cancer Journey in Barking, England, United Kingdom

Carter's Cancer Journey

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We are raising money and awareness for Carter's Medulloblastoma cancer journey

by Carter's Cancer Journey in Barking, England, United Kingdom

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Hello everyone 

One of our dearest friends has been faced with the most horrible news that a parent should never have to face. Here is Carters story -

Sarah first approached the local health center in October 2019 with concerns. All Carters milestones were late he couldn't talk, feed himself and looked sad all of a sudden. The health worker advised that all children develop at different stages and not to worry. Late November Carter had stopped walking. he didn't start walking until September so it seemed strange to Sarah that he suddenly stopped. Carter couldn't bear any weight on his legs when encouraged to stand so Sarah automatically thought he was in pain. 

5th January 2020 the day that Sarah's world stood still..

Moments after Carters MRI scan doctors broke to her that Carter had a brain tumour. Carter was sent to Great Ormond Street hospital with blue lights all the way. Carter had a 5-7cm brain tumour covering his spinal cord. The fluid that flows through your brain had no where to go so backed up to the front of his brain causing hydrocephalus. 

8th January 2020

Just 3 days after being told Carter had a tumour he had 9 and half hour surgery.

19th January 2020

After waiting for the results to come back and recover was when Sarah and her family received the news "we regret to tell you its a form of cancer". 

Carter has Medulloblastoma. This is the most common type of cancerous brain tumour in children. Medulloblastoma is a cancerous brain tumour that starts in the lower part of the brain called the cerebellum. The cerebellum is involved in muscle coordination balance and movement. The survival rate is 70-80% and to this day there is still no know cause. 

Carter is currently signed up to a research programme 

Carter is now having regular chemo treatments and is in and out of the local hospital and Great Ormond Street. 

We would like to help Sarah and her family to raise as much awareness for Medulloblastoma as possible and also as much money to help with travel costs and everyday life so please help us in sharing this and also following Carters journey on his Instagram page : @carterscancerjouney 

Thank you in advance for all your support - Stacey, Fitzelle, Siobhan, Leigh, Lauren & Abigail xxx

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