Skater Dads ready to roll!

by Cambridgeshire Artistic Roller Skating Club in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

Skater Dads ready to roll!
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Two of our skater-dads Carlos and James are taking to the floor to compete to raise funds for our skating club.

by Cambridgeshire Artistic Roller Skating Club in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom

What is better than agreeing to do a competition after having only taken up Artistic Roller Skating a few months ago, than doing a competition, but in couples, with your daughters?!1682553638_img-20230421-wa0002_(1).jpg

Yes, that is what our two legendary dads Carlos and James are doing! Having being captivated by the bright shining bling and budding charisma of coach Chris as he took to the floor for his Carlos Tango, these aspiring athletes could not wait to get their skates on to a grab a piece of the action.

They shall be showcasing at Spectrum Gala in Newton Aycliffe on 21-23rd July 2023. Carlos and James are dancing the "Skaters March", and a short routine with their respective daughters Gemma, Erika, Luella and Adelia. 

Carlos and James have been making a commendable effort to attend training sessions and learn what is required of them for their upcoming competition. James is currently skating in roller-derby boots whilst he arrives for his new size 16(!) boots to arrive from America. Meanwhile, his coaches have been watching him through their fingers with bated breath!

So, why are they putting themselves through this ordeal, I hear you ask? Well, it's all for a good cause (although I think they're just using this as an excuse to get wearing some sparkly spandex!)

These dancing dads are raising money for Cambridgeshire Artistic Roller Skating Club (CARSC). The club is a not-for-profit organisation, so all their income is from grants and fundraising. 

CARSC was established in August 2017, and is a friendly, fun and inclusive club which provides sport to children and adults. However, it is more than just a sports club. It provides a safe, social space, where its members can learn lifelong, transferable skills. A prime example of this is its junior coach development programme. We strongly believe that the club is a vital asset to the community. 

Since the launch of CARSC it has grown from strength to strength, collaborating with some of the country's best skaters coaches and achieving a 3rd place at the British Championships, and a 1st place at the Roller Cup Championships. 

All money the club receives through fundraising is used to further develop the club and its skaters to enable them to achieve their goals, and contribute to the "international fund" for those who qualify to skate abroad. Artistic Roller Skating is an expensive sport, and part of the ethos of CARSC is ensuring that the sport is affordable and accessible for all. Money raised for the club is regularly used to subsidise the expensive costs of the sport, to ensure that no skaters are negatively impacted due to financial constraints, especially in the current cost of living crisis. 

CARSC greatly appreciates your kind donations, and we promise to keep you updated on Carlos and James' progress!

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