Care for Grace, Thumper & Arlo.

by Faye osmund -smith in Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom

Care for Grace, Thumper & Arlo.


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We have the space but not the equipment. We are hoping to raise money for additional enclosures, hutches & food for an additional 3 rescues.

by Faye osmund -smith in Telford, Shropshire, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 17th November 2021 we'd raised £270 with 17 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Our passion for bunnies started with our pet buns, Aspen & Isla in 2020. Since then we have rescued 3 bunnies - Phoebe, Theo & Bonnie.

We have been asked to take 3 more rescues (there is a national shortage for space in rescue centres). These rescue buns are currently living in confinement due to there being no available room, they were dumped on a doorstep of a local rescue - you can’t just put bunnies together and hope for the best especially when all 3 are un neutered  - you end up adding to the already chaotically high number of bunnies needing homes and bunnies that have not gone through the bonding process can be very aggressive to one another causing serious injury. Bonding rabbits is a carefully managed process, love at first sight is rare. 

We have the space for additional bunnies but our personal finances have reached their limit with our other 3 rescues.

We are hoping to raise funds to purchase 3 additional enclosures with 3 hutches to provide warmth and shelter over the winter months. An enclosure is essential to ensure the bunnies have enough room to run, jump, binky & play to their hearts’ content in an as close to nature environment as possible. We are hoping to raise enough funds to provide for all their needs including food - nuggets, fresh veggies and unlimited hay daily and the cost of neutering all 3 bunnies. I will be looking to bond all 3 bunnies with suitable partners in spring 2022 with the hope of finding suitable homes. This will allow us to continue taking rescues as and when needed. 

Neutering prevents territorial behaviour, aggression, reproductive system cancers and allows a more successful bonding process. Bunnies need company of their own kind and work well in a female/male couple.


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Monthly donation of £15

A monthly donation of £15 will help the rescue enormously. With this donation, you will be able to visit the rescue once a month to help clean and feed all the bunnies. You will also be allowed in the enclosures to play with the bunnies to help socialise them. A fantastic opportunity for our little supporters who love bunnies but are not in a position to own one themselves.

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