End the misuse of NDAs to silence victims

by Can't Buy My Silence in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


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End the misuse of Non-Disclosure Agreements to buy the silence of victims of discrimination, harassment, bullying and other misconduct

by Can't Buy My Silence in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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Emma Walls 14th March 2022

Very pleased to see that Leeds Trinity University have signed the Universities Pledge! An amazing and very important campaign.

David de Freitas 13th February 2022

I wasn't even paid any money for the NDA I was obliged to sign, but it was the only way I could access a crucial document to discover how bad the decision-making was by the CPS when they continued a prosecution against my daughter for lying about a rape allegation she had made. This prosecution was started privately by the man Eleanor accused of raping her; the police did not support this prosecution and they have been exonerated following a complaint against then for not pursuing Eleanor for lying. Eleanor, who had Bipolar, took her own life on the eve of her trial. I was sued for libel by the same man. My Public Interest defence was upheld by the Courts as my target was the CPS who wanted this NDA, not the man. My target remains the CPS, not the man. For the avoidance of doubt, I make no public accusations of wrongdoing against this man. My target is the CPS and I need to be released from my NDA. To continue it makes a mockery of the CPS's claims of transparency of charging decisions.

Annabel Mackintosh 21st October 2021

No one should be able to manipulate, bully or harass an employee or colleagues and think that that money can buy silence. You should be able to feel safe and supported not intimidated.

David Lewis 11th October 2021

I believe all females should report every incident to the Police every time an event happens which is sexual abuse of any sort. This could be from a wolf-whistle to physical harm. A diary should be kept and sent each month to the Home Office.

Nova Robinson 18th September 2021

Its crazy that independent people are having to fund this and do all the work. NDAs were set up for use in business, I have used them correctly many times, such a shame they are used for the wrong reasons. Good luck. NJx

Ashley Borkett 14th September 2021

I love this and totally agree no-one should be able to 'buy silence' to hide wrongdoing or stop people from talking about their own lives!!! NDA's were not meant for this and it has to STOP

Annabel Eyres 12th September 2021

Brilliant start to a campaign that will show employers, their lawyers and HR teams, that it’s not OK to use an NDA. Right behind you Zelda and Julie.

Jocie 12th September 2021

So proud of you for getting this off the ground and putting it in front of the people that matter! I have every faith this campaign will go miles to help end this abomination in the current law x

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