A Brand New Skatepark at Brighton Youth Centre

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We did it
On 15th December 2015 we successfully raised £5,040 with 75 supporters in 49 days

We our looking to build a completely new, amazing indoor skatepark at Brighton Youth Centre.

by brightonyouthcentre in Brighton

Our Aim

We at Brighton Youth Centre our looking to raise funds to completely revamp our current basic skateboard facility and turn it into a brand new modern, varied and attractive skatepark to accommodate the whole of Brighton and the South of England. This will in turn allow us to scale up the work we can do here, becoming more accessible to a wider user base and having much more to offer on our program.

We can carry out all of our entire redevelopment plan by reaching our target of £20,000.

In exchange for your generosity we have a number of rewards on offer, including some ideal gifts. You can view these along the right hand side and see product pictures below.

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Pro Skateboarder Tom Penny shows his support for BYC skatepark. His board, along with others, is up for auction at




About BYC Skatepark

Brighton Youth Centre is a charity organisation working primarily with young people in and around The City of Brighton and Hove. Here we run a program of various activities, events and support for young people of all backgrounds and with different interests. BYC is the busiest youth work organisation in the city.

The skateboard park on the top floor of the building has been a key attraction for the centre for over 15 years. Originally doubling as a football court with a handful of wooden ramps being dragged out on Saturdays, it gradually improved and eventually became a permanent feature.

Our program consists of sessions for various age groups, and a popular tuition course for both young people and adults wanting to learn how to skateboard. The park is also open to members of our youth clubs, and for events we hold throughout the year. The space and experienced team have supported hundreds of people in the area in learning and enjoying skateboarding in a safe and friendly environment. Our tuition program is one of the most popular in the country, and between this and all of our other sessions the number of people visiting the park each week is in the hundreds.

Over many years our skate facility has helped thousands of people of all ages come together to learn and enjoy this great activity. Through teaching and support young people have been able to learn great new skills, gain confidence, make friends, keep healthy and express themselves freely. 

Learn more about BYC skatepark      

Why We Need To Change

BYC is the only indoor skate facility in Brighton, and one of only a small handful in the South of England. Skateboarding's huge popularity here means there has always been a high demand for a high quality indoor skatepark in the area. The skateboard scene is ever growing and the oversubscribed outdoor park in Brighton is not ideal for many, and of course unusable in our frequent bad weather. An indoor park provides a safer and more comfortable environment, with staff on hand to attend to provide support and attend to any needs. While BYC has done it's best to fulfil this need, funding cuts have sadly meant the park has fallen behind in terms of quality and what it can offer.

The park has slowly developed over the years, with few changes and additions being made. The park has never been able to fulfil it's true potential with the space we have here. The problem has worsened in recent times with ramps ageing and becoming less usable, and falling in to a state that is becoming harder and harder to repair.

Our established space, presence and experienced workers means there is a huge potential for us to reach, becoming the facility that has always been longed for in the area.



The Impact

The benefits of this facility being built in Brighton will be huge and reach many people.

Skateboarding is evidently an immensely popular activity in the area already. The outdoor facility at The Level is busy on any given day, with a vast community of people coming together over a common interest. However, it is not always ideal for those both already using the space, or those who would like to get into skating.

The Level is largely oversubscribed and unsuitable for many, with its busy nature making it a difficult and sometimes dangerous place for people wanting to skate, especially young people. With lots of well experienced users it becomes a difficult place for somebody who is new to skating or does not feel confident to jump in the mix. It is of course also unusable in our frequent bad weather.

A new indoor skate park will provide a safe and comfortable place for children, teenagers and adults to practice all year round. With experienced workers always on hand to give advice and support, users can gain confidence and learn, whereas a busy public park is often off-putting.

A larger and more varied park means we can cater to a wider range of people, from those who are looking to start to the most experienced skaters. A good park caters for everybody with ramps that can be used in different ways, whatever the ability level.

Most importantly, bringing more people through the doors will allow us to expand our program and offer more opportunities for people who want to come and use the park. This means we can –

  • Increase our opening times to give more frequent and longer sessions for people of all ages to come and use the park.
  • Offer a lot more in our tuition courses, making them even more beneficial to those who come and learn how to skate here.
  • Offer more open times for users who at the moment have limited sessions available to come and skate.
  • Make the park available to use in the daytime during school breaks
  • Increase the additional offers we make alongside the park, such as events, competitions, film screenings, art and film workshops, private sessions, tuition courses in other local parks and more.
  • Reach out to more community groups such as schools, activity clubs and care groups. There are hundreds of great organisations in the city that we will be able to work with to allow people to discover a wonderful new space and activity.

In times where accessible and affordable positive activities for young people are decreasing and becoming harder to sustain, places like this are an enormous asset. Skateboarding is a fun, creative and healthy activity that allows people of all ages and backgrounds to make friends, keep active and express themselves. The sport is an opening to endless opportunities to learn, challenge oneself, travel and meet people with a common interest. Ask any skateboarder the positive impact it has had on their lives and you will see!

Natalie and Pearl, mother and daughter who both learned to skateboard at Brighton Youth Centre, tell us about how B|YC skatepark has helped them. 



The Big Plan

For the first time in the park's history, we are hoping to completely rid of the existing park and transform it into a larger and greatly improved facility, usable for everybody from those who have never stood on a board before to professional level skateboarders. We have an initial design that has been worked on by our staff, local skaters and an experienced park building company, who will be carrying out the construction.


With £20,000 we can carry out the main renovation, which will involve -

  • Removing the dividing wall to maximise the size of the park.
  • A completely new park design, running from wall to wall and including a 25ft wide mini ramp. The design will be based on flexibility and incorporate obstacles that can be easily moved and used in different ways.
  • Replacing the current imperfect concrete surface with a smooth and even wooden floor. This will give the ultimate skating experience with a much smoother and safer ride.
  • A new hangout area in the park with a music system, TV, sign in area and seating. Perfect to take a rest or to watch others skating.
  • A film projector and screen in the park, letting us show skate films during sessions, and giving a perfect setting for film screenings.
  • Brand new equipment, which will be free to use at every session.
  • Changing the windows to make the most of the great views from the top of the building, and securing them for safety with the new ramps. 


This is a flexible funding campaign, meaning if we do not hit our target we will still receive the money that we raise. Should we not make our target within the timeframe, we will continue our fundraising campaign in other forms until we have the full amount, and if possible proceed with some of the build in the mean time. Either way, we will be going through with our entire plan!

People's generosity towards our last fundraising campaign a few years ago raised an amazing £2,500. The original plans around this time to install an extra feature to the park sadly had to be put on hold, but now we are back on track we are able to continue where we started and secure this money as part of this new plan, which is much larger than what was previously possible.




Your Own Fundraising

If you want to get involved yourself and hold your own fundraising campaign or event, we will offer help and support for you to do this. Anyone who takes on their own campaign will have their hard work acknowledged with a plaque in the park detailing their achievements!


Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a scheme that allows charities to reclaim tax on donations by UK taxpayers. This will allow us to claim an extra 25% on top of certain donations, at no extra cost to you. Donations for certain rewards, as well as donations pledged without claiming a reward, should be eligible for Gift Aid. If you are eligible, please check the Gift Aid box when pledging to make your contribution go even further!



We have some great rewards on offer to say thank you. Here's a closer look at some of them. Click any to enlarge.


Exclusive Drawing Boards 'The Star' Tshirt - £30


A special selection of boards hand drawn by young people here at BYC. Choose your design by the number when pledging - £60



Exclusive Drawing Boards 'Potions' Tshirt - £60





Be your very Sidewalk magazine cover star! £175




This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£10 or more

£10 Reward

Anybody who donates £10 or more will be thanked with their name on the wall in our park. This can be in your name or dedicated to somebody else.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Anybody who donates £20 or more will also receive a thank you card from our staff team, personalised to you or somebody else.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

A limited edition Drawing Boards t-shirt. Available in five different colours. See project info for picture.

£60 or more

£60 Reward

An exclusive Drawing Boards t-shirt of the famous Potions design, made exclusively for donors to this project! Available in five different colours. See project info for picture.

£60 or more

7 of 24 claimed

£60 Reward

One of a special series of boards printed from hand drawn designs by a group of great young people here at BYC. A great wall hanger and showcase of what is achieved here. Take a look down below to see which designs are available.

£175 or more

£175 Reward

Be a magazine cover star! We will meet and shoot a skateboarding photo with you, and turn it into a framed Sidewalk Skateboard Magazine cover photo. SIDEWALK COVER

£180 or more

2 of 10 claimed

£180 Reward

A two hour private skate session for up to 12 people. This can be in the current park, or you can be one of the first to use the new one, and can include skate tuition. We will get in touch to find a suitable date and time.

£200 or more

1 of 20 claimed

£200 Reward

Design your very own skateboard! We will send you a template to work with and print up your own design on a skateboard deck.

£500 or more

0 of 10 claimed

£500 Reward

A four hour private skate session for up to 25 people, including food served up for you all! This can be in the current park, or you can be one of the first to use the new one, and can include skate tuition. We will get in touch to find a suitable date and time.

£500 or more

0 of 3 claimed

£500 Reward

Be a partner with Bfest - We will advertise your business or company in all of our promotion of Bfest 2016, the ten day citywide Brighton Youth Arts Festival run by BYC, taking place in May. Please get in touch before pledging to discuss what we can offer. http://www.b-fest.org.uk/

£1,000 or more

0 of 3 claimed

£1,000 Reward

Sponsor the halfpipe! We will add a plaque to the ramp acknowledging your contribution, and give you advertising space in the park to promote your company or business. Please get in touch beforehand to discuss what we can offer.

£5,000 or more

£5,000 Reward

Become an official sponsor of the skate park! Lend your name to our work, promotion and media, as well as much more. Please get in touch beforehand to discuss what we can offer you.

£150 or more

1 of 1 claimed

£150 Reward

To one lucky donor we are offering this one off piece of artwork made for BYC by renowned skateboarder and artist Fos of Herion skateboards. Jump in quick to grab the only one of these made!

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