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All children need access to online learning at home & school throughout their education; closing the digital divide, ending digital poverty.

by Business2Schools in United Kingdom

When a business is moving, upgrading tech, refurbishing or as we've seen more recently, changing the way they work because of the pandemic, we donate the things they no longer need to state schools across the UK, Scotland and Ireland.  

Lockdown created a huge need for laptops and devices for children working from home.  Digital poverty, is those children that don't have access to a device; the digital divide is the gap between those children that can get online or those that can't.

Businesses upgrade their laptops and computers every 3-5 years, school tech is on a 10 year replenishment.  It makes so much sense to let schools use the additional years of purposeful life in devices before they are destroyed.

If we take these things businesses no longer need and stop them being recycled they can be re-homed and re-used by school children that need to access online lessons and their homework.

With the help of donations our vision is to see all children in state schools with access to a laptop, computer or tablet for the duration of their education. 

It is important for climate change and the environment to always ensure that everything that is useful is re-purposed and not automatically recycled.

Your donation will help us to get more devices ready for schools and find the one million devices needed every year to support our vision.

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