Bung a bob not for a bong

by Thank EU For The Music in London, England, United Kingdom

Bung a bob not for a bong
We did it
On 31st January 2020 we successfully raised £770 with 49 supporters in 16 days

To raise money for causes that matter and not waste money on a 'Boris' vanity project.

by Thank EU For The Music in London, England, United Kingdom

Bung a bob for a Brit

Raising £500,000 to sound some bells on the 31st of January is nothing short of un-British. It is an embarrassment to our country where we have always had a proud tradition of generosity in looking after those in need and this money should be spent where it is needed, in our NHS, for the homeless, for cancer, children’s charities and for veterans who have served our country with pride. Period. There is no counter-argument.


So #EUflagmafia have launched this Crowdfunder to raise money for charities and causes that will be affected by brexit like some of those causes named above. We intend to present those oversized cheques in-person to each charity involved and every penny will be accounted for.


So let's show Farage and Francoise what really matters in our country. Can we raise half a million quid? We don’t know. But what we do know is that it is the right thing to do, not to spaff it up the wall for nationalistic vanity. Support #EUflagmafia and send a message - Bong off Farage

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