Building A United Bradford

by Julie Longden in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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To build a united Bradford where no one gets left behind, a city that cares for all its people and the planet.

by Julie Longden in Bradford, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom

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I have a lot to tell you about my big vision for my home town of Bradford and why I'm doing this crowdfunding page. First of all I'd like you to read what some key leaders in my city have said about me having worked on projects and campaigns with me.

Peninah Wangari-JonesDirector/ Community Organiser/ Facilitator / Anti-racist activist  Racial Justice Network

Julie brings me great joy and encourages me on a personal and professional level from the first time we met. Julie is real, authentic and unapologetic when it comes to challenging injustice and speaking truth to power. She is selfless, committed and skilled in community and movement building. Julie's approach is collaborative and reflective which means spaces she holds and people she engages with are held to the same principles and values.

Our Community Can       Alex Dilger, Lower Grange Community Centre Manager

 I have known July in a professional capacity for about 20 years, and in a personal capacity, I grew up about two doors down from her. 

Julie is a unique individual character with a smashing personality, who always goes out of her way to ensure the community has a voice, and to support them to make things better for everyday life and community benefit.

Julie has assisted me with developments over the years to make our community a better place to be. She has the passion, commitment, affection, love and determination to improve lives.

 1638531555_1638531554762.png Wendy Lewis & Yvonne Howe,

                            Directors: Free2B-Me LGBTQ+ Community Organisation

 Prior to Free2B-Me, Julie Longden was a primary source of encouragement and support on our journey. Julie gave us faith and the confidence in ourselves to strive to establish Free2B-Me. She provided us with a pool of contacts to drive Free2B-Me forward. Julie has become one of our most trusted supporters and a great ally of the LGBTQ+ Community.

I am now going to introduce myself and this project: 

Building a United Bradford

My name is Julie Longden, I was born and  bred in Bradford and raised by my single parent mum. My life was not an easy one, our family had our fair share of hardships, but my mum was a fighter. Despite being poor she created space in our home for other  women fleeing violence and neighbours needing help. My mum instilled in me a strong sense of community and 'All for one and one for all' values. Until her dying day she was helping others. 

I have carried on my mother's legacy of building and caring for community. For the last twenty years, after completing a youth and community degree, in my paid role as community development worker, I have been supporting  the development of  grassroots leaders, projects and organisations throughout the city. In additional as a volunteer  I  co-founded the Hope Rising Action Group in 2016 to support families affected by poverty to campaign for change. We spoke on local radio, published stories in national newspapers and spoke at local and  national conferences raising the voices of those impacted by poverty. I have spoken on conference panels and ensured a platform for the unheard voices of my people at such events.

Throughout my work in Bradford's communities I have always brought people together across the lines of difference, I know that building community means leaving no one behind. In every community and organisation I have ever volunteered or worked in I have left a legacy of more effective inclusion and support for everyone.

Now I want to use my skills and experience to build a united Bradford. I have already begun this process by co-founding the Hope Rising United Peoples Movement in 2020. I have brought together a diverse group of key grassroots leaders to build relationships and work together for change. We are already seeing  the  formation of  a collaborative movement where we are learning about the impacts of divisions on all our lives  and we are building understanding.

 Any  money raised will support me to work as a community organiser and will allow me to: 

•    Do an extensive outreach program throughout the city 

•    Develop media promotions e.g. an inspiring website and printed information  

•    Organise unity building meetings and events  

•    Develop and deliver 'No Human Enemies' training programs throughout the  city   

•    Build unity within and between key organizations and institutions working for change 

So if you want to be part of building a united Bradford to bring about the changes we so desperately need, then please donate to this page 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this

Together we can make a difference

 Just to round off, here are some further thoughts from other leaders 

 1638532368_1638532368090.png Beverley Mullaney  Ley Top Family & Community Resource Centre Manager

Julie is a leader who knows how to show the way; Julie is not about titles, positions or flowcharts. She is about one life influencing another.

She knows how to delegate regardless of the situation and the position she is in. Julie is very kind and compassionate in the way she recruits and develops a team with diverse backgrounds. She gives the team members the tools and the space to build trust between each other.

Julie has led me for the last thirty years; she is excellent at bringing people together as part of a thriving and growing movement, taking an active role in building communities.

 1638532409_1638532408829.png   Rozina Tariq and Lorrett Mcintosh - Creative Flair

If it weren't for Julie we wouldn't have started on our journey of creating our community organisations - 'Creative Flair'. She's always been a pillar of strength and determination.  

Julie has helped us see the potential that we had to go on and actually do other things in the community, we have managed to do degrees, and we now own our own business which is helping a lot of people in the community.  We wouldn't have started on that journey if it wasn't for Julie.

1638532565_1638532565013.jpeg  Dr. Lynn Deacon-Green

Julie is authentically passionate and tirelessly works to give a voice to the voiceless, 

building and empowering people from all sectors of society to have space to advocate 

change, engendering hope, whilst also empowering and improving the psychological and 

emotional well-being of individuals. She is able to effectively communicate with chief 

executive officers of different organisations and also stand alongside and connect with 

marginalised and disenfranchised groups of people.

Not only this, Julie has remarkable insight into politics and how it plays out in individuals’ 

lives as the politics of the oppression of mind. Julie is one of the few people I have met 

that can make a person think about what they think they know in a non-confrontational manner. She really makes you think!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read right to the end!

                                     Together we can make a difference


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