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Reconnecting people with live wellbeing tutorials at affordable prices. 7 days free & 120 hours + per month

by Help our afforfable yoga collective in Barnet, England, United Kingdom

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On the 12th March 2021 we'd raised £140 with 3 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.


In uncertain times of isolation and disconnection, we are doing our part to re-address the balance. Our ethos is and always will be about building community, connectivity, and so with the model of our online platform.

We are teaming up with many teachers and wellbeing practitioners, featuring different types of Yoga, meditation, Qi-Gong energy healing and sound therapists. 

Our project wants to help both sides, the people in need for wellbeing support offering affordable tutorials, and the teachers and practitioners in need of visibility and growing online. Our platform is the place where individual needs find help and abundance is shared. 

The platform will launch first to the UK market, and later scale globally step by step aiming to cover 24/7 offer of streaming tutorials. 


Our platform is open to everyone ! In time we will be expanding our collective to offer more and more practices around the clock.

OUR TEAM COMMITMENTS: each of us is committed to teach for min 2 hours per week. 

PROFIT SHARE: the profit is redistributed within the teachers in proportion to their contribution and partially invested back into the business. 

AFFORDABLE SUBSCRIPTION: a free 7 day trial is offered to begin with followed by £12 per month subscription plan (the average price of a single class!!) 

AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Anyone [team teachers or external partners] can join the tutorials and we have a built in mechanism for other businesses or individuals to join our affiliate program by earning or learn and earn at the same time. By joining our program, by putting a simple link on your platform or marketing campaigns, you can earn £1 for every subscriber that joins via our link for the entire life of that subscriptions life. Bring 100 people and get £100 per month, bring 1000 and get £1000 per month. Insiders and outsiders can all grow together under our sharing business model.  

Bu-Evolution:: OUR STORY 

A bunch of friends together realised that sharing a common vision about a new lifestyle.

Collectively we had been caught in Overwhelming stress, fear and worry about what the future holds 

And so we have discussed the ideas of a new transition, a realisation and desire to make some positive changes in our lives. Then through connecting and talking a solution came in a “Eureka” moment, Our group decided that we needed to change the regular formatted life and take more care of ourselves and others and Integrate of wellbeing 

The pandemic has brought global new revelations: the need to communicate, the need to feel part of a whole and the desire to share. During the suffering we have all felt isolated, some frustrations, also some of us have faced some financial uncertainty and for many our working life has been disrupted.

So the journey starts with a big “WE”! Together we are building a platform for wellbeing teachers to share their skills through live streaming.

Our platform will showcase tutorials streamed through an affordable platform and offer 4 different types of Yoga, cleansing meditations, Qi-Gong and Sound healing just as a beginning.  Our platform will go live on March the 8th and offer over 120 live tutorials per month and you can try for 7 days free. Thereafter the subscription will be the price of just 1 regular class of £12 per month.

Literally everyone can join in, either by subscribing, joining us as a teacher or by joining our affiliate program, where you would get a unique link and put out into your community, whoever joins our platform through your link, the affiliate would gain an ongoing £1 per month for the lifetime of that subscription. So great passive income can be made

Our belief is and always will be :


Together we can

One people, One earth


Bu-Evolution:: PLEDGE REWARDS 

Any pledge is welcome ! but no matter where we get with our crowd funding, we want to have you on board! Our minimum reward of £10 will  welcome you with a subscription of 1 month on our platform.


We are always in the process of selecting teachers and practitioners – we have almost reach the first target set, but there is still space for more especially looking ahead in expanding to multiple classes on the same time slot and differ time zone!! Please reach us out and spread the word to your friends, circles and especially favourite teachers!!! ] 

We ask project owners to honour their rewards wherever possible but please note that all pledges are donations and there is no guarantee that you will receive any rewards from the project owner. Please see our Terms of Use for more information regarding rewards for pledges.


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