Crumpet Army for fun childhood memories

Crumpet Army for fun childhood memories


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Started on 20th April 2021 Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

The past year was difficult to all of us. For some this was the first time with no family holidays, days out with friends or travelling adventures. However, many children from disadvantaged families don't get to experience these things at all even without the pandemic. 

"HopScotch" allows children aged 7-11yo living in poverty, young carers and in difficult home circumstances to go away for a week and experience activities like boat rides, horse riding, canoeing, visiting a local chocolate factory etc. Many of these children will experience high levels of stress every day without a chance to take a moment and just breathe, many families cannot afford to organise even a day out due to financial situation or other responsibilities. 

As the summer time looms, I was hoping that BTS Army could get together and try supporting even 1 child. £275 can fund 1 child's week getaway and some great childhood memories! Although, I've set it up for the UK Armys, anyone from around the world is welcome to donate whatever they can.  


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