Bilton Silver at Christmas

by Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band in Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Bilton Silver at Christmas


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Christmas is our main fundraising time - we missed last year, plus all the concerts we normally do. We need to make up our lost income!

by Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band in Rugby, Warwickshire, United Kingdom

Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band is proud to be a non-profit organisation which re-invests all income into the Band, its players and its future. We rely on the income from concert ticket sales and donations from the supporting community to survive and thrive. 

Christmas is our main fundraising time - a really important source of income for Bilton Silver's four bands. Because of the pandemic, we lost out on this during 2020, as well as missing nearly all our normal engagements and activities for the year. 2021 has been much the same, with very little activity this Christmas - and even our Christmas concert has been cancelled.

Please donate this Christmas and help your local community Silver Band.


The Bilton Silver Family

Bilton Silver embraces musicians from age 4 to 90, from complete beginners to experienced players, across 4 bands. The bands perform at many events throughout the year, from “Last Night of the Proms” concerts, Remembrance services and parades, to summer fetes, weddings, town and village celebrations, fundraising concerts for various organisations, Christmas tree lighting, street carolling and carol services. 

Covid brought all that to an abrupt STOP!


Covid-secure reindeer bearing chocolate!

Thanks to an amazing campaign last year, we were able to purchase a ventilation system for the band room, which meant that we were able - at last - to meet together again once restrictions allowed in late spring, but we missed all our usual concerts and engagements in 2020, and much of 2021 - and, of course, the hugely important Christmas period where we usually make much of our income for the year, enabling us to continue our activities for the members, young and old, and for our audiences.

Our ongoing costs haven't gone away, and there are extra costs arising from Covid - such as increased cleaning and extra music (as we can't share!).

BUT... We are excited to be back playing together (albeit with restrictions!). We have been pleased to play Christmas music for the local community and our concert audiences once again. We are very disappointed that we have had to cancel our annual Christmas senior band concert in our home village, but thrilled that the Training Band and Evolution Band were able to hold their concert earlier in December.


Our amazing Training Band and Evolution Band - back for our audiences!

This went ahead, and was a fantastic evening!

How You Can Help

Your donations will help us make up for the income we have missed, and enabling online donations will also help us to keep our members and audiences safe while the pandemic continues, by removing the need to handle cash.

Please donate this Christmas and help your local community Silver Band.


About Bilton Silver

Our "band family" consists of four bands: Mini-Brass, Training Band, Evolution Band and the Senior Band. Membership is free and instruments are provided, so we ensure the band is as inclusive as possible.

Meet Our Bands


Senior Band



Founded in 1893, Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band is a traditional contesting band, placed in the First Section of the National Brass Band Championships of Great Britain (Midlands Area).

As well as contests, the band performs at many events throughout the year, both in the local area, and further afield.

Although the band is referred to as the “Senior Band” we have players of all ages, just like the other bands in the Bilton Silver family.

Our Musical Director is the hugely experienced Tony Hodgetts, graduate of the Royal Military School of Music (Kneller Hall) and former Director of Music for The Royal Army of Oman Band.

trombonists playing trio


Evolution Band



Bilton Silver Evolution Band is another contesting band, competing in the 4th Section of the National Brass Band Championships. Evolution Band was formed in 2017, and is conducted by Jack Fisher, who has played in all the Bilton Silver Bands, and was a member of the National Youth Brass Band of Great Britain. Evolution Band consists of members of all ages but especially our developing younger players. This gives them a taste of playing in competitions and the level required. In fact, we are proud to say we have some of the youngest players in many of the competitions we enter.


Mini Brass and Training Band

We have both adult beginners and children of all ages in Mini Brass, a half-hour group making music together under the endless commitment and enthusiasm of Mrs Diane Fisher.

On Friday nights the bandroom is host to the wonderful, crazy, inclusive, Training Band. "Witnessing Di take charge of a large number of excited children, teenagers, and adult learners all with brass instruments and somehow getting us to produce something that is pretty decent is a weekly miracle! Training band also builds the Bilton Band community.”


“I constantly receive comments from parents/grandparents etc. expressing their gratitude to Bilton Silver for what it does for the children of Bilton village and beyond. They are particularly surprised when told that there are no charges for membership... and that we can even supply an instrument free of charge. This is a team organisation and Training Band and Mini Brass were thriving, pre-COVID. Many people gave their time willingly and free of charge to encourage and give opportunity to so many young musicians.” Diane Fisher, Musical Director, Bilton Silver Training Band

Training band and mini-brass are now back playing together in the Bilton band room.


Band photos all taken pre-Covid restrictions


Bilton Silver (Rugby) Band aims to provide high quality opportunities to play and listen to brass music, thereby perpetuating a century-plus tradition and sustaining our musical heritage. It seeks to provide inclusive opportunities to learn and perform and to strive for a sense of fulfilment across all ability levels in an overriding pursuit of excellence, whilst offering a service that fulfils the requests of the wider community.

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