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Discover the transformative power of the Bristol Parks Project, uniting communities through nature, photography, and community engagement.

by Boys In Bristol Photography in Bristol, Bristol City, United Kingdom

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On the 21st September 2023 we'd raised £2,733 with 40 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

At the heart of bustling city life, lies an oasis of tranquillity and beauty – our city parks. They are the unsung heroes of urban landscapes, offering much-needed respite from the monotony of daily life. They're more than just patches of green; they're a lifeline, a sanctuary, and a source of endless inspiration. Embracing these sentiments, we present to you the Bristol Parks Project, a unique initiative that aims to celebrate and promote the city's stunning green spaces and the incredible wildlife they harbour.

The Vision

A city where every individual feels connected to nature, experiences improved mental and physical well-being, learns from the ancient wisdom of nature, nurtures local biodiversity and wildlife, and is inspired to protect our environment.


Addressing the challenges of our time

In today's rapidly urbanising world, we're confronted with a mental health epidemic, evidenced by overwhelmed NHS services and huge waiting lists. The relentless pace of modern life has left many grappling with isolation, feeling detached not only from others but also from their true selves. This detachment is deepened by our growing estrangement from nature, further exacerbated by the encroachment of concrete over green spaces and the digital age's screen-dominated interactions.

Many people are not aware of the rich biodiversity in their local parks, and local nature-centric charitable organisations often struggle for visibility. The Bristol Parks Project emerges as a holistic solution to these challenges. By promoting urban green sanctuaries, spotlighting local biodiversity, offering nature-based educational resources, and amplifying the voices of local charities and community groups, we aim to bridge the gaps of isolation, alleviate mental health strains, and reignite the intrinsic connection we all share with the natural world.

In doing so, we champion the indispensable role of nature in nurturing well-being and community.


Project Overview 

1. A virtual tour of Bristol's Parks -

We are in the process of developing a user-friendly online portal along with individual websites for every park, nature reserve, and community garden in Bristol. Each website will provide essential information about the park, such as its distinguishing features and the variety of fauna and flora that can be spotted there, all depicted with high-quality photos and videos. Take a peek at the website for St George Park - We hope to motivate Bristolians to explore these hidden natural gems in the heart of our city, rather than travel miles to experience nature. Moreover, our platform aims to serve as an educational resource to impart knowledge about nature and wildlife, fostering a deeper connection and respect for our environment.


1693585033_st_george_park_homepage.jpg2. Advertising for charitable organisations, groups and activities related to city parks and green spaces

Each community associated with the parks has numerous charitable groups and organizes a variety of interesting activities that often go unnoticed due to a lack of resources for promoting these groups and their initiatives. To assist them in reaching a wider audience, we have included a dedicated section on the website of each park with links to promote these activities. By doing so, we aim to raise awareness and help these groups connect with a larger audience. This initiative seeks to promote a more active lifestyle by inspiring people to step out and bask in the beauty of their local green spaces.

3. Promoting Bristol internationally and access to images and videos from parks for those who cannot physically be there

Since we started taking photos, we've been proudly representing Bristol in both local and international photography scenes. Our captivating images have transcended geographical boundaries, evoking nostalgia in those who have bid farewell to Bristol but still cherish it dearly. We want to bring back those lovely feelings they had when wandering through the magical spots where the city meets nature, also aim to offer solace to those confined to their homes due to mobility issues, enabling them to experience the beauty of nature, albeit virtually. All the pictures are free of charge for anyone who wishes to print them or use them for any other non-commercial purpose.

4. Free nature photography workshop for the parks community

Furthermore, we are conducting free nature photography workshops with professional photographers in these parks, allowing people from all backgrounds to immerse themselves fully in the natural world while honing their creative skills.


Who Are We?

Meet Boys in Bristol Photography

We are a team of two passionate friends who have always been intrigued by the diverse beauty of nature, people, and cultures. Our shared enthusiasm for photography and wildlife unites us, even though our creative visions might differ. The green spaces and parks have been our retreat from bustling city life since childhood. For us, photography is not just a leisure pursuit; it's an intense passion.


The Inspiration Behind the Bristol Parks Project

During our time working in a healthcare environment, we had the privilege of caring for elderly individuals with complex needs. It was during this time that we noticed something remarkable: many of these amazing people had photographs taken in their local parks or green spaces. These places held immense importance to them, as they had grown up surrounded by the harmonious blend of urban life and nature. Our experiences showed us the profound impact of nature on the elderly. This inspired our mission and our goal is simple yet profound: We aim to bring people together and celebrate the awe-inspiring beauty of local wildlife and nature. By doing so, we hope to encourage an active lifestyle, boost mental and physical well-being, and promote a deeper appreciation for the importance of preserving our natural surroundings. 

But that's not all - we also aspire to educate people about the wonders of nature, showcasing its healing powers and the countless lessons it can teach us.1690775334_connected_kopia.jpg

Our Journey So Far

Achievements and Impact

We have made significant strides in our project over the past year. From creating the Bristol Parks website - and the dedicated St George Park website - to developing friendships with various communities around the parks, our journey has been truly rewarding:

  • We have been actively involved in local affairs concerning the parks, attending official meetings and establishing relationships with groups and organisations related to parks and nature. Our work has garnered the support of various entities including Your Park Bristol & Bath, Bristol Parks Forum, Forest of Avon Trust, and Avon Wildlife Trust where we were selected to be Avon Wildlife Trust Champions for BS5 in Bristol.


  • Our commitment to promoting the beauty of Bristol's parks has led us to capture and edit over 10,000 images and several hundred clips of local nature and wildlife, most of which we have made available on various platforms for free use. By sharing our work on free stock websites like, we have garnered international recognition, with our images amassing over 50 million views and almost 150,000 downloads in the last two years!


  • The impact of our project has been spreading like wildfire, with mentions in local newsletters, buzzing social media posts, and even within the new art centre called Sparks in the display created by Bristol City Council in the heart of Bristol city centre. It's truly an honour to see our project gaining recognition and becoming a part of the vibrant tapestry of our community.
  • A significant milestone for us was our participation in the 20th anniversary of the Bristol and Bath Nature Festival, where we were invited to talk about our project and conduct a free nature photography workshop. The highlight for us was the display of our nature and wildlife film on a billboard during the festival.
  • We have taken all the necessary courses and certificates to be able to run photography workshops and have already led several of them.

    - "One of my fave Nature Fest events I've ever done. These guys are so talented, passionate about their work and wildlife and so encouraging." Kate Kinsey

    - "Thank you so very much for this. We had a lovely time and learnt a lot. Appreciate your time and patience." Elle Scott 


Help Us Make a Difference

The contributions we have made and the requirements for our progress

Our project is driven by our passion for nature. We have invested our spare time and personal resources into its development. Over the past two years, we have dedicated over 400 hours to exploring Bristol parks, connecting with amazing individuals, gathering valuable information, expanding our knowledge of nature and wildlife, and capturing over 10,000 photos and hundreds of videos. The editing process alone has taken an equal amount of time. We make the majority of our content available online for free download and use.

Apart from conducting fieldwork, we have taken the initiative to develop and maintain the websites for the Bristol Parks Project and St George Park. We have invested in purchasing domains and covering hosting expenses. To date, we have personally spent over £14,000 on this project. Additionally, we have been actively involved in meetings with different organizations and authorities responsible for managing parks and green spaces in Bristol.

To offer photography workshops, we have completed all the necessary courses and obtained relevant certifications. Furthermore, we have provided valuable support to numerous charity groups and small start-up businesses in Bristol by offering our services in capturing free promotional photographs to effectively promote and advertise their initiatives.

However, to fully realize our vision and take the Bristol Parks Project to the next level, we require your support. We have ambitious plans, and with your assistance, we can turn them into reality. Currently, we have depleted our funds and need help to propel our efforts forward. Your support will make a significant difference in our ability to continue and achieve our goals. 


Raising £30,000

These funds will be allocated to crucial aspects of our project, including:

Website Development: Creating an accessible and user-friendly platform that caters to everyone's needs.

- Purchase domains (website names) for two years: £24 x 30 domains = £720

- Making websites at the cheapest cost: £500 x 30 websites = £15000

- Web hosting with administration: £95 per year x 30 websites x 2 years = £5700

Photography and Videography: We will take and edit the rest of the photos and videos to present each of Bristol's parks and green spaces in the best possible light. By capturing the beauty of these spaces, we can inspire others to appreciate and visit them.

- We take and edit the photos as our contribution to the project. Our services are free of charge, and we make all these photos available for anyone who desires to use them for free. 

Travel Expenses: Cover the costs of public transportation allowing us to visit each park and document them accurately.

- Bus tickets: £1150 (2 people, £6 daily tickets, four times a month for two years)

Workshop Organization: Hosting complimentary and inclusive photography workshops in local parks, providing individuals of all ages and diverse backgrounds with the opportunity to engage with nature, enhance their creative abilities, and capture awe-inspiring moments.

- Paying for the time of the photographers who conduct the photo workshops: 2 people x £46 per hour per person x 2 times per month x 24 months = £4,416

Workshop Equipment: Purchase cameras for workshop participants who currently do not have mobile devices or cameras.

- 10 cameras x £300 = £3,000


Why are we creating separate websites for each park instead of putting everything on one website? 

Developing a comprehensive website with all the necessary features would require significant expertise and resources, which we currently lack. The offers we received from reputable companies we have a long-standing relationship with were three times higher than the price we managed to achieve through numerous sacrifices. Making websites in this way also leaves us with a gateway to add or change anything ourselves in the future without incurring the cost of hiring an external company. Having separate addresses for each park also simplifies administration and potentially allows us to transfer the websites to the respective park management organizations or groups in the future.


Our Big Plans: Expanding Beyond Bristol

Our ultimate vision goes beyond Bristol. Once we have achieved success with the Bristol Parks Project, we plan to expand our efforts to include Bath. We also have a new project in mind, focusing on national parks and reserves across England. By bringing the beauty of these natural spaces to people and encouraging a deeper connection with nature, we aim to make a lasting impact.


Your Support Matters

Join Us in Transforming Bristol's Parks

Bristol stands out with its deep-rooted commitment to nature, sustainability, and community. Our city's passion for green spaces and well-being isn't new; it's part of our identity. The Bristol Parks Project is a reflection of this ethos. By supporting this project, you're not just donating you're part of Bristol's longstanding tradition of championing nature, mental well-being, and community togetherness. Your support will make all the difference.



A Glimpse into Our Impact on the Community

Our impact is already being felt in the community, with positive feedback highlighting the importance and appeal of our project.

- "Absolutely love this website, great job, very informative!" Tracey Woolley

- "Excellent layout, boys! It is easy to navigate with a clean and simple design which I appreciate. The photos are making me view the park with new eyes!" Beth Spallanzani

- "Not only it is essential for the preservation of the historical significance of the city; it contributed to the treasures of visual and cultural development of other areas like education, arts and local history! It will demonstrate the importance of Bristol's status in the West Country. It confirms Bristol as a city of culture with a perspective to a modern future!" Samia Slim


In Conclusion: Let's Walk Together

We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience the beauty of nature and the benefits it brings. Every contribution plays a crucial role in creating a vibrant, sustainable, and inclusive community.
Let's unlock the creative potential and celebrate the wonders of Bristol's parks through the art of photography and nature exploration. Join us on this inspiring journey to transform Bristol's parks and create a vibrant, connected community for generations to come.


More pictures from our amazing parks:


This project offered rewards

£100 or more

Signed Photography Print - A3

An A3 size photographic print from the Bristol Parks gallery with Boys in Bristol Photography signatures

£10 or more

Digital Picture

If any of our photos on the Boys in Bristol Photography or Bristol Parks Project's website or social media catch your eye, feel free to reach out to us. We will be happy to provide you with a digital version of the photo in the best available quality and size for you to print.

£25 or more

Signed Photography Print - A5

An A5 size photographic print from the Bristol Parks gallery with Boys in Bristol Photography signatures

£60 or more

Signed Photography Print - A4

An A4 size photographic print from the Bristol Parks gallery with Boys in Bristol Photography signatures

£250 or more

Calendar for 2024

Calendar for 2024 with images of your choice from Bristol Parks gallery

£400 or more

Professional Photoshoot - 1h

Professional 1h photoshoot at the location of your choice in the Bristol area. 25+ high quality, fully edited pictures.

£700 or more

Professional Photoshoot - 2h

Professional 2h photoshoot at the location of your choice in the Bristol area. 50+ high quality, fully edited pictures.

£1,000 or more

Photography Workshops, Outdoor Photoshoot, Presets

Photography workshops and outdoor photoshoot at the location of your choice in the Bristol area and a set of presets for Adobe Lightroom created and developed by us over the last few years.

£10,000 or more

Official Supporter of the Bristol Parks Project

Join as an Official Supporter of the Bristol Parks Project! Your company logo will be prominently displayed on our websites and in all promotional materials. Note: If you're interested in supporting our project by purchasing this opportunity, please contact us in advance. This will enable us to have a detailed discussion and create comprehensive plans for the future.

£30,000 or more

Official Sponsor of the Bristol Parks Project

Become an Official Sponsor of the Bristol Parks Project! Your company logo will be significantly displayed on our websites and in all promotional materials. Note: If you're interested in supporting our project by purchasing this opportunity, please contact us in advance. This will enable us to have a detailed discussion and create comprehensive plans for the future.

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