Bringing back the bees - one jar at a time

by Suzie Millar in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

We did it
On 11th October 2019 we successfully raised £20,113 with 147 supporters in 34 days

Add 3 million bees to the eco system. Donate 10% to our charity Repollinate to build wildflower spaces across Scotland for all pollinators!

by Suzie Millar in Livingston, Scotland, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

More hives given to artisan bee farmers, more bees saved, more wildflower spaces grown, more jobs created, more countries reached with our honey, more honey sold, more money donated to charity. 

Who are we?

We are Suzie and Iain Millar. We started The Scottish Bee Company in 2017 because we were hugely saddened at the decline in bee numbers. Our aim was to increase hive numbers in Scotland by giving hives to artisan bee farmers and selling delicious honey on their behalf. 

What we've done so far

We have increased the bee population in Scotland by 23 million and work with 3 artisan bee farmers. We also started Scotland's first bee farming apprenticeship and a charity: Repollinate which aims to 'repollinate' the environment by building wildflower spaces and people's lives through education programmes including apprenticeships. 10% of this crowdfund will go directly to

Our products are in such demand that within 18 months we have increased our sales tenfold. We are in wonderful places such as House of Bruar, Visit Scotland, Torabhaig Distillery amongst others. We also sell through our ecommerce platform. We support the charity through the sale of our honey and other bee related products. 

Its not all about bees!

Honeybees get a lot of attention but all types of pollinators are under threat including ladybirds and butterflies. Our vision is to continue to grow the business and charity through the addition of more hives, building wildflower spaces and getting premises. With every jar comes a packet of wildflower seeds to scatter to provide more food for bees and butterflies. 

We really want to convey that our aim is to save bees and all types of pollinators. If we succeed our world will look more beautiful - just think of all the colour we will see with glorious wildflower spaces across the country. Imagine how healthy we could be with properly pollinated food.

What we will do with your donations

  • Purchase more hives so our lovely honeybees can flourish.
  • Add 3 million bees to the eco system. 
  • Donate 10% to our charity Repollinate to build more wildflower spaces so all types of pollinators can thrive.
  • Take on premises so our business can grow. 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£200 or more

32 of 450 claimed

Hive Sponsorship - Corporate

Brand one of our hives with a plaque with your company name and logo. We will provide regular updates on the hive and social media copy and tags. In addition to this, all of your staff can have 20% off all of our products on our website for one year.

£10 or more

Thank you for being a friend and saving 4000 bees!

A special thank you from us for helping us increase bee numbers.

£15 or more

Honey duo gift set - save 25%

Our fab duo of Scottish Honey includes heather and blossom, gorgeous packaging and a pack of wildflower seeds for our furry friends. We will also throw in 5% off all online orders for one year. A saving of 25% off the normal price, this is a brilliant way to help the environment. Postage included.

£20 or more

One for your kids - Sponsor a Queen Bee

Sponsorship of a queen bee for the year. Quarterly email updates with photos and fact sheets. Comes with a cuddly bee toy, a certificate and some wildflower seeds for the garden. Gift available for Xmas! Postage included.

£20 or more

Honey and Candle Gift Set - save 20%

Our honey and candle gift sets are the perfect gifts for Secret Santas! We can have these to you for all your Xmas gift needs. You can choose any of our candles and any type of honey and it will be packaged in a gift tube with wildflower seeds. We will also give you 10% off all online purchases for one year. Postage included.

£45 or more

Your very own wildflower garden

We will send you everything you need to turn a patch in your garden into a beautiful wildflower space which will help bees and butterflies thrive (compost not included). You'll get a lovely feeling watching your garden blossom with various flowers and different types of bees! We've even included a trowel and limited edition Scottish Bee Company gardening gloves! We will send you a detailed 'How to' Pack. Postage included.

£45 or more

9 of 1000 claimed

Gifts for the Home of a Bee Lover

A Scottish Bee Company tote bag crammed with bee goodies, including 2 jars of honey (blossom and heather), a sustainable teak dipper, a candle of your choice and some shrubs and vinegars. Postage included.

£50 or more

13 of 100 claimed

After Dinner Board

Our flagship Scottish Heather Honey, expertly paired with a selection of cheeses by our friends at Mellis Cheesemongers. Includes 'Hebridean Blue', a strong and salty blue cheese made by the Read family on the Isle of Mull; 'Auld Reekie', a strong smoked Scottish cheese made in Aberdeenshire and the sharp and salty 'Isle of Mull Cheddar'. Included is our own branded wooden cheeseboard and cheesemongers cutlery. Postage included.

£50 or more

A years supply of honey

Usually £60, this will be 3 x 340g jars of blossom and 3 x 340g jars of heather. We will include some seeds and a sustainable teak honey dipper. Postage included.

£100 or more

Hive Sponsorship - Individuals

A true way to directly affect the bees. Sponsorship of the hive will include a plaque with your name on it, regular photos and updates and 10% off all online purchases for a year.

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