Boris Johnson is going. Make Brexit go with him.

by European Movement UK in United Kingdom

Boris Johnson is going. Make Brexit go with him.


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Together, we can reverse the calamity of Brexit. Chip in to our war chest and help us win the Battle for the Soul of our Country.

by European Movement UK in United Kingdom

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Matt C 8th August 2022

Thank you for effort all you guys and girls are putting in to try our country back to what it was before the criminals took over. I will be there on the September 10th as I was the years before.

Christopher Gordon Greenwood 8th August 2022

The huge amount of harm Brexit is doing to our country will affect the lives of our grandchildren for many years to come, they are being denied opportunities which for decades we took for granted and all in the name of "sovereignty" which we never lost and "taking back control" which we always had!

Keith Scarrott 8th August 2022

Climate change, pollution of all kinds, environmental degradation, wildlife loss, powerful international companies, terrorism, rogue nations and the threat of nuclear war make it imperative that nations work together as closely as possible. No nation can tackle these global problems alone, especially small nations.

Connor Sams 8th August 2022

My partner and I have been separated by Brexit. She lives in Spain and I’m stuck here trying to save £25,000 so I can move there now that this “great” decision has been taken by our government. It’s ruined so many lives.

Geraldine Flowerdew 8th August 2022

The election of Tories to power, and the 2016 referendum result have had horrific consequences for British people and also Europeans alike. We must stay strong together to restore what we once had, and what we have been cheated out of.

William Brown 8th August 2022

Lies told by the leave side should be exposed as they have completely impoverished this country (financially/economically/culturally) - to gain nothing.

Paul Leake 8th August 2022

Do NOT take monthly donations from me! I object to your pressurising for additional donations, I pay when I can! Paul Leake

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