Brexit has failed. It's time to undo the damage.

by European Movement UK in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Brexit has failed. It's time to undo the damage.

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We’ve lost vital rights and freedoms because of Brexit, and our country is getting poorer. Donate now so we can reclaim what's been taken.

by European Movement UK in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

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On the 14th December 2023 we'd raised £77,958 with 2367 supporters in 100 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Brexit hasn’t worked. It's damaged our economy, bogged businesses down in red tape and extra costs, and no longer has the support of the public.

We can't just ignore the consequences and watch our country decline. Together, we must build the movement to take us back to Europe. 

Donate to the campaign to rebuild our relationship with Europe and reclaim our country's soul.    


The government and the pro-Brexit lobby are on the back foot. They're struggling to implement the Brexit they set out. The damage done is already so stark that they know they can't get away with pushing things further. 

Quietly, they’re already backtracking – on regulation, on food imports, and on all of their promises. And now they’re under pressure from the majority of the British public, who realise Brexit was a mistake and are fed up of suffering the consequences.


They know Brexit has failed, but they won’t admit it.

Right now, we have a crucial opportunity to push harder and start to win back the opportunities and freedoms we have lost because of Brexit, one by one.

We need to build our campaign fund so we can: 

  • Expose how Brexit is wreaking havoc on small businesses, and make the case for a return to the single market
  • Launch a youth-led campaign to return the UK to the Erasmus+ programme 
  • Demand an agreement to reduce red tape for touring musicians, performers and event crew
  • Keep on building public support for overturning Brexit, and; 
  • Put pressure on all political parties ahead of the coming general election

All of this progress is in reach - but only if we can build our resources and campaigning power. And each step will move us forward in our journey to, ultimately, return to our rightful place at the heart of Europe.

Brexit backtracking is already happening

The government have been forced to water down their Brexit ambitions over the last year. They know they can't get away with implementing everything they hoped for - the further damage to our country would be too great, and they no longer have the public on side.

  • On legislation: They climbed down on the Retained EU Law Bill which would have allowed them to scrap thousands of pieces of EU law in one fell swoop.
  • On costs: They said data-roaming wouldn’t return. For 3 of the 4 major providers, it has. Another promise broken, and another freedom lost. 
  • On regulation: Brexit was sold as the chance to ditch EU regulation. What happened? The government decided to keep the European 'CE' safety mark. The right decision for our manufacturers, but another u-turn.
  • On import checks: They've delayed introducing post-Brexit food checks for the fifth time, because they know that the extra red tape will cause more inflation.

This government is desperate. This is why, over the next 6 months, we must push the government to go further and undo the worst impacts of Brexit. 

Together, we can make tangible progress – across science, education, culture and trade. And each step we take back towards closer European cooperation also takes us one step closer to overturning Brexit completely. 

We’re all feeling the effects of the disastrous hard Brexit the government gave us.


  • UK inflation has been out of control, and much higher than in the EU
  • Food prices are up 6%, with food bills up £250 per household
  • UK trade has fallen by one fifth of what it was, with 4% being permanently wiped off the UK's GDP
  • The UK has the slowest growth in the G7, with investment, companies and jobs are moving elsewhere, and;
  • Businesses are closing, whilst those remaining open are crying-out for a plan.

But - despite all of this - progress is within reach. 

Our campaign has already made a difference. We forced the government to let go of its worst hard Brexit ambitions. And our movement is growing in strength and numbers every day.

Polling shows that support for returning to Europe is at a record high. Together, we can build on this to push back further. To start to regain ground that has been lost, to regain our rights and freedoms, and to demand better than decades of decline in Brexit Britain.

Step by step, we will return to Europe.


Ultimately, we will always fight for a full return to Europe. Only by getting a seat at the table, alongside our European neighbours can we restore the full benefits, rights and freedoms that we had before 2016. 

But our journey back to Europe starts with undoing the worst aspects of Brexit. Rebuilding relationships. Restoring opportunities for friendship and collaboration that will immediately benefit our country. And, all the while, building a groundswell of support to, one day, overturn the calamity of Brexit completely. 

This will take determination, people power – and resources. Unlike the Leave campaign, our movement isn’t funded by shady private donors. It’s powered by thousands of people donating what they can because they believe in European values, in peace, friendship and cooperation, and doing what’s best for our country.  

That’s why any donation you’re able to make helps build our critical mass. It means we can campaign hard today, seize every opportunity to overturn harm that Brexit has caused, and build our organisational power for the long haul.  

Together, we will get there. No one else will win this fight for us – so we have to seize this moment and keep pushing. 


We have been at the forefront of the fight for a European future for 74 years. We led the country into Europe the first time, and now we are leading the fight again. 

The UK must take our rightful place in the heart of Europe. It’s where our roots are, with shared culture and history. And it’s where our future must be, because opportunities for growth and progress can only come about through cooperation and collaboration, not by cutting ourselves off from our closest neighbours and trading partners. 

We are the only organisation dedicated to rebuilding bridges with Europe and winning the battle for the soul of our country. 

We're already a powerful force, with thousands of members and more than 100 highly effective local campaign groups on the ground. But we need to be even bigger to take on the mammoth task of overturning Brexit. 

Your donation will go directly into our campaign fund so we can go from strength to strength, tackle the forces of Brexit, and take our country back to its place at the European table. 


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£50 or more

Fund a local action day!

£50 can fund an entire local action day, where we can talk to people on the ground about the impact of Brexit and their experiences.

£25 or more

Help to take our message out there!

£25 will help us reach 3,000 people on social media with a pro-European message.

£75 or more

Campaign materials!

£75 can print 2,500 campaign leaflets to distribute in key areas of the country, where the impact of Brexit is being felt most sharply.

£150 or more

Upskill campaigners!

£150 could help us run an entire training session for campaigners, so that they can create effective change in their own communities.

£300 or more

Run the show!

£300 could allow us to put on an event with key political stakeholders, so we can start having vital conversations with MPs.

£1,000 or more

Fund a nationwide day of action!

£1000 would fund a nationwide action day, so we can reach people in all corners of the UK through our network of grassroots campaigners.

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