Brexiles Portrait Book

by Madeleina Kay in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

Brexiles Portrait Book


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To print and distribute copies of Madeleina Kay's 'EU27 Brexiles Portraits' book

by Madeleina Kay in Sheffield, England, United Kingdom

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Michael Romberg 29th August 2021

Madeleina, you have done wonderful work for children, against Brexit and now for closer relations between post-Brexit Britain and the EU. Happy to support you. Also, l am in the process of moving to Portugal because of Brexit, so l have a personal interest in this topic.

Chrissa Woodhouse 25th October 2020

Hi Madeleina. I love this idea. My son is a Brexile in Spain. I am strangely happy and proud he is there, even if visits are currently not possible! I look forward to joining him one day. I hope you are able to publish your book. Chrissa

tania.thorn 28th September 2020

Hi Maddie, thanks for all you’ve done – and creating a record of some of the impact on individuals of this historic instance of national self harm. Vive l’Europe!

Theresa Coll 25th September 2020

I have enjoyed Madeleina's work and all her Facebook and EU posts. I think the project is more than worthwhile and look forward to owning a piece of her art. I hope that the book is just my first purchase of her work.

Julie Ward 5th September 2020

Good to see Madeleina is continuing to use her creativity and arts skills to tell important true stories about real people whose lives have been impacted by the tragedy of Brexit.


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