Break the Barrier

by Universal Equality And Equality in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Break the Barrier
We did it
On 20th May 2024 we successfully raised £1,060 with 15 supporters in 42 days

To ensure equitable access to essential services for the East African community in Birmingham by addressing language and IT barriers.

by Universal Equality And Equality in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Universal Equality and Diversity (UEAD) is a Birmingham-based organization dedicated to supporting disadvantaged and marginalized East African migrants and families in the area. Our vision is to foster an inclusive society where everyone has equal access to resources, opportunities, and support systems, regardless of their background.

Our team at UEAD is comprised of passionate individuals with diverse qualifications and expertise, including certificates in project management, information and advice guidance, safeguarding, leadership and management, business law, cyber security, health and safety, literacy and numeracy, and ICT system support. We are also proud members of the Birmingham Voluntary Service Council (BVSC).

Our organization provides vital services to address the challenges faced by our community members. These services include assistance with universal credit claims, housing benefits, council tax queries, CV preparation, school admissions, and online utility bill payments. We aim to bridge the language and IT barriers commonly experienced by our clients, empowering them to navigate these systems effectively and improve their quality of life.

The grant we receive will be allocated strategically to address the most pressing needs in our community. A significant portion will go towards covering office rent and utility bills, ensuring our sustainability and ability to continue serving our clients. Additionally, we will invest in furniture to create a welcoming space for both clients and staff, facilitating a conducive environment for our services. Staff salaries will be prioritized to retain qualified personnel and maintain service quality. We also plan to organize community events to foster connections and integration among different cultural groups.

Our understanding of the community's need for our project is rooted in firsthand experiences and interactions with clients over the past two years. Through daily engagement with individuals seeking assistance, we have witnessed the significant demand for our services and received feedback indicating the positive impact on their lives. The testimonials and expressions of support from our clients and their networks serve as tangible evidence of the project's relevance and importance.

The positive changes facilitated by this grant will be measured through documentation of outcomes and feedback from the community. We will keep detailed records of the support provided and monitor the progress of our clients in accessing opportunities and improving their circumstances. Regular feedback sessions will allow us to gauge satisfaction levels and make necessary adjustments to enhance our effectiveness.

Looking ahead, we envision our project progressing beyond the funding period as a sustainable and integral part of the community. Our commitment to ongoing support and growth aligns with the long-term needs of the population we serve. With the support of the grant and our dedication, we aim to expand our reach and impact, ensuring continued empowerment and equality for all.

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