Brave Heroes and Hidden Demons (R&D)

by Out Of Bounds Theatre in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

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On 11th May 2021 we successfully raised £400 with 15 supporters in 62 days

We are raising money to support the first Research and Development of Brave Heroes & Hidden Demons: a dark comedy that explores depression.

by Out Of Bounds Theatre in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


Out Of Bounds Theatre makes cheeky and satirical theatre. We use clowning and commedia dell’arte to reinvent existing characters and stories, and comedy to confront the darker underside of society to challenge our audiences.  

We are a Hampshire based company and have been creating theatre since 2013. The six of us who currently make up the company are David Guy, Joanna Morley, Arron Greechan, Harvey Seymour, Jake Williams and Lee Barden.

We have performed at multiple venues and festivals, indoors and out, including the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Winchester Hat Fair Festival, Bridgwater Quayside Festival and Southampton Seaside in the Square, receiving fantastic reviews throughout. Recently we have created projects and opportunities to help emerging artists throughout the country.

We believe theatre is playful and for everyone!




Brave Heroes & Hidden Demons is a devised dark comedy that explores depression, suicide and how those suffering cope, through the lens of a Dungeons & Dragons session.

Dungeons and Dragons role-play is used as a safe environment to experience confronting intense emotions whilst indulging in the escapist world of fantasy. It will allow us to tell an emotional story about grief and mental illness against an exciting, fantastical backdrop, continuing our practise of exploring serious subjects in a safe, light hearted way.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, an important collective lesson for us has been human connection and the value of digital communication. Being in lockdown has exaggerated symptoms of depression, therefore, now is the time to discuss it. 

As suicide “rates among the under 25s have generally increased in recent years”, we want to use Brave Heroes and Hidden Demons as a platform to inspire conversations about Mental Health in our audience, to foster the human connection which we now know is so important. Future engagement activity with this project will offer this platform and resources for those who require additional support.


The money we raise will:

  • Pay for travel and accommodation.
  • Help us further our research by connecting with real people, specialists and charities to ensure our story is truthful and respectful.  
  • Help us to reach a wider demographic.
  • Pay our hugely talented cast and creative team.
  • Enable us to make the show as accessible as possible.


We hope that by creating this show, we can start conversations within our audiences on the following:

  • Mental health: specifically depression and suicide 
  • Tabletop Role Playing Games and their importance for wellbeing
  • The social and mental health benefits of theatre

We also aim to help those who are affected by the issues we discuss in the show. In the long term we will do this by:

  • Providing in-person support at performance venues 
  • Facilitating workshops and Q&As 
  • Collaborating closely with specialists and charities so that we are staying truthful and respectful
  • Including helpful information and signposting services within our programmes, posters, flyers and social media


If you're not able to support the project financially, then we would value any support you can give with helping to spread the word about Brave Heroes & Hidden Demons.  We are so grateful for every tweet, every Instagram post, anything you can do! 

Do also feel free to contact us if you want to discuss what other ways you feel you could assist. Whether that is by discussing a personal experience you feel is relevant, offering some in-kind support, or if you just want to give us a hug to make us feel that little bit better, all are welcome. 

Here is how you can contact us:

Email: [email protected] 

Facebook: oobtheatrecompany

Twitter: @oobtheatre

Instagram: @oobtheatre


“Being as skilled as they are, and as a social enterprise, (meaning that they perform for our good, not for their own private gain), with your backing – this can become a meaningful reality.” Hayley

“Out Of Bounds has proven that they are more than capable of keeping new and exciting theatre alive during a global pandemic.” Christina 

“In these times, the arts have been one of the biggest sufferers, yet Out of Bounds have sought out fresh and inventive ways to keep this engine running." Joe 

“They encourage all who connect with them to be brave, bold and above all curious about new experiences.” Harriet 

“Funny, silly & clever. We wanted to watch it again straight after! 10/10" Carolina & Craig

“I will always try my best to see their shows where possible and will always be bringing friends." Rich

“It was a performance that left my daughter and myself enthralled well after the evening had ended.” Karen

“A brilliant company of really likeable people who are made for Edinburgh Fringe and beyond!” Ric


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