Help Individuals Benefit From Nature Based Therapy

Help Individuals Benefit From Nature Based Therapy


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Started on 25th November 2020 Little Waltham, England, United Kingdom


I feel very fortunate that I recently received a fully funded place on the Brave Futures programme. The programme has had such a positive impact on my mental and physical health.  I want to be able to share my experiences and help raise money for other people to be able to benefit from this vital nature based therapy programme.

I feel that doing group therapy in a nature based setting increases its effectiveness tenfold. Using objects in nature allows you to express yourself and be creative as well as lowering the barriers that society makes us put up, without the fear of being judged or dismissed. Being able to share in a group and hearing other people speak has been extremely powerful for me. 

That is why I wanted to ask you to donate today, with your donation, we could give this opportunity to so many others.

About Brave Futures:

Our new programme ‘Brave Futures’ is a nature-based group therapy programme set up to support clients who have experienced grief, trauma, addictions, social isolation, anxiety and depression which has affected their mental health and wellbeing

The last decade has seen a huge shift in how we talk and think about mental health. This mindset shift has given rise to preventative and proactive mental health support. By thinking about mental health holistically, we can identify issues before they become serious problems. Early intervention support is vital when dealing with vulnerable people. 

With our team of expert therapists, we have a style of working that offers activity and fun, whilst mixing in critically important support in therapy, tools and strategies for managing trauma, grief and loss, relationships, boundaries, self-care, communication and emotional control. Activities that work alongside the nature-based therapy include games, bushcraft, camp cooking, walking, foraging, nature art and craft work.


The current pandemic has seen an increase in the number of referrals to Wilderness Foundation seeking face-to-face contact. Being completely outdoors and nature-based we can offer this service in the safest of ways. We are one of the first services able to offer face-to-face therapy as many people are asking to return to being outside as they struggle with social isolation.

Your donation will helps us to continue our work in helping young people and adults reconnect to society and themselves through outdoor adventure and mentoring, highlighting the positive impact of nature on personal and social well being.


Joyce Cain
27th November 2020 at 8:25am

pledged £25

Nichola Ure
25th November 2020 at 4:42pm

Thank you to the team at The Wilderness Foundation for all your support of Sam and Cam. The work you are doing is incredible and I hope you raise enough to run the programmes next year.

Nichola Ure
25th November 2020 at 4:41pm

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