Bracia - Short Film

by Oliwia Garniewska in Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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Bracia - Polish translation for ‘brothers’ - is a short drama film set in 1986 Britain, tackling the xenophobia and toxic masculinity preval

by Oliwia Garniewska in Portsmouth, United Kingdom

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We experience the wrongdoings through the eyes of Krzysztof, a Polish teen visiting his aunt, working under the table, cash-in hand jobs, though often falling victim to underpayment. He is the newest member of a rowdy friend group who often delve in petty crime with a ‘do now, think later’ attitude; hedonism and feistiness uniting them at the core. With little encouragement Krzysztof steals from a shop owner who previously wronged him, igniting an outlet of slurs and abuse thrown at him. 

Through an unspoken hierarchy Tommy adopts the role of ‘ringleader’, escorting the boys in his trusty VW Golf GTI, their social hub, a place of comfort for the boys as they navigate through their teenage years together. 

A bonfire gathering brings light to the night following a close run-in with police after stealing from the off-licence. 

Tensions within the group rooted in jealousy arise - Krzsyztof resents the boy's lack of ambition and unappreciativeness of their easy-going, care-free lifestyles. Carl is jealous of Krzysztof’s natural companionship and flirtations with love interest Rebecca, considering himself a longer-lasting and therefore more deserving member of the group. Lee is jealous of… no-one, he’s in his own bubble, happy-go-lucky, unintentionally inviting chaos to any situation. 

The height of conflict comes to the forefront at a local football match, the boys situated with the shop owner who is unforgiving of the stealing that took place. Verbal abuse transitions to physical, Tommy eases Krzysztof from taking the full brunt, their friendship and respect for one another solidified. Differences are put aside to come together, a defining moment proving that they are one, there is no-one on the side-line. 


We feel that xenophobia has been largely overlooked within cinema, and injustice within recent years, we hope that the themes of empowerment within our film will resonate with many. 


To get Bracia to the big screen, the crew are working tirelessly to ensure the quality is at its highest possible standard, however donations (no matter how big or small) are what makes filming possible, a contribution to building the world of the 1980's and allowing the film to be a time capsule of the decade. We are raising a small budget of £2500 to fund casting, locations, equipment rentals, vintage cars, props and much, much more. 

1676652146_pie-chart_right_side.pngYour generosity is hugely(!) appreciated amongst the crew, and we wouldn’t accept the gestures without some incentives in return, with posters, behind-the-scenes footage and an executive producer credit up for grabs!


Our Director


Hi, my name is Carter J Clarke, and the inspiration for this project comes from my fascination with the social and cultural dynamics of 1980s Britain, particularly the emergence of "lad culture" and the issues of xenophobia and toxic masculinity that were prevalent at the time. I am excited to bring this story to life and to contribute to the ongoing dialogue around these important issues.

It is my goal as the director of this short film to explore the social and cultural issues that were prevalent in 1980s Britain. Through the character of a first-generation Polish immigrant, I aim to highlight the challenges and prejudices faced by those who are perceived as different in a predominantly white, male-dominated society. The theme of xenophobia is portrayed through the protagonist's struggle to fit in with the lad culture, while the issue of toxic masculinity is represented by the group's dominant and aggressive behaviour. Ultimately, my goal is to provoke thought and discussion around these themes and encourage greater understanding and empathy towards those who are marginalized or oppressed.

Our Producer


Hi there, I'm Olivia and I will be producing our film Bracia. This just means I will be the one bringing carters vision to life and dealing with all the formalities. I'm super excited to work with such an ambitious and talented crew to make this the best short film you've ever seen! (If you haven't watched many short films yet) We've got some really cool scenes and locations in mind, so buckle up and join us on this adventure to 1980s England. 

Our Writer


Hello I’m Toni, the screenwriter for Bracia, a short film touching on xenophobia that was prevalent in 1986 Britain. It’s been important to ensure the dialect within the film is appropriate to the time period, and to build a world that is both accurate and creatively challenging. I’m excited to see Bracia leap from the page and to continue working with the crew!

Our Director of Photography


Hi I’m Will, im an aspiring Cinematographer and DoP of this short film. My role is to bring the visual style and aesthetic of the film to life. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with this talented crew and help create a visually stunning and emotionally impactful film. My vision for the film is to create a nostalgic, 1980s-inspired look, with an emphasis on using natural and artificial lighting to convey a sense of rawness and grittiness as well as portray the vibrant and colourful look of the 80’s. To achieve this vision, for this project the funds we can raise all contribute to important assets like equipment and resources we need to create a visually stunning project telling the story of Krzysztof and he crew, and I am confident that together we can make a film that we can all be proud of and that will captivate audiences.


Thank you for taking time out of your day, it doesn’t go unnoticed! We hope that you join us as we immerse ourselves into the film. 

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