The Bournehall Primary School Fundraiser

by Sports For Champions UK (CIC) in Bushey, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

We did it
On 11th November 2021 we successfully raised £312 with 19 supporters in 35 days

To support the mental and physical health of the pupils by hosting an inspirational workshop.

by Sports For Champions UK (CIC) in Bushey, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Bournehall Primary School are hosting an inspirational workshop with Antonio Infantino. Can you help us make it happen?

The School 


Bournehall Primary School's Vision

Everyone at Bournehall primary school believe that there is ‘no limit to learning’. They are all committed to the provision of high quality education, within a secure, happy and stimulating environment where every member of the school community is valued and encouraged to learn and develop the knowledge and skills for lifelong learning.

Core Values

Bournehall Primary School also actively promote the values and ethics that shape the children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural perspectives through their values curriculum and their commitment to the United Nations Rights of the Child. Everyone at the school are confident that their continued focus on the core and linked values will give all children the necessary awareness of what it means to be a good citizen in Britain today and embed the building blocks for a future successful and productive life. Bournehall Primary School believe in celebrating the increasingly diverse cultural backgrounds of the community whilst also promoting and holding true to what they recognise to be British Values - democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of those of different faiths. These are taught explicitly through collective worship, PSHE and RE and permeate the whole curriculum, in and beyond the classroom. 

Who's coming? 



I began sprinting at the age of 14, but before that, I was a part of the Football academy in school. I always played on the wing, which includes a lot of running on and off the ball. If you have ever played football then you will know that it is a very harsh game. I began sprinting after that stint at the age of 14 and immediately found I was quite suited for sprinting. I enjoyed sprinting and soon found myself attending school championships where I won three at the start of my career! 


I believe my greatest achievement is when I won back to back Italian titles. These both brought me great pride as Italy is my heritage and I am so proud to be able to represent my country as their champion. It was an amazing feeling that inspired me to achieve even more in the future!


The greatest challenge I have come across in my career has to be the threat of injury. I have always been prone to injury so it can be a looming concern when training. Especially as we edge closer to events and championships, the threat of injury almost swallows you up. It’s a really difficult hurdle to clear. You just have to focus on the task at hand, this can help you to distract yourself from the anxiety that comes with an upcoming event. Keeping a clear head is always great. I find that going to the gym clears my head and gives me a massive sense of achievement too!


I am a big fan of music, film, fitness and documentaries! I love listening to all different kinds of music, I have an eclectic taste and love dissecting some of my favourite albums! I also love films, it’s great seeing new films and also the classics! Being an athlete, I also love fitness. It is one of the greatest things in life and I really enjoy being at the gym or out on a run whenever I can be. Just like my love for film, I also love documentaries. Knowledge is one the most important things in life and I think that learning new things is a great way to spend your own time! As for my favourite foods, I love Chicken, it’s high in protein which helps you build muscle. I do also love chicken wings, but they have to be treated as a reward for hard work. Not before events, but after. This helps to keep me ticking over and gives me something to look forward to!

Who are we?


Sports For Champions UK (CIC) in partnership with Bournehall Primary School and the local community are running a fundraiser to help support the mental and physical health of the pupils after the national lockdowns.

Great news! Sports For Champions UK (CIC) will soon visit your school! Youth are invited to join a sponsored fitness circuit led by a Professional athlete, who will educate, enable, and empower participants with a view to inspire them as champions of tomorrow.

While we’re not all athletically inclined we strongly encourage participation, because all youth have talent and require inspiration to pursue their dreams - whatever they may be! After 10 years of success, we can promise a highly memorable event!

Sports For Champions events are held in support of schools, which keep 60% of the funds raised to spend on resources that will enrich young peoples’ education/experience. Professional athletes in need of support are the only other beneficiaries from the remaining 40%. Sports For Champions is an audited organization that is voluntarily registered with the Fundraising Regulator. You can support the initiative with assurance.

During the assembly, Sports For Champions athletes show medals and tell their story, hard work, lessons, and insights shared to capture the imagination of all and inspire healthier active lifestyles. Athletes discuss challenges on the road to success, with resilience, nutrition, diet, and dedication forming key topics. Fitness is essential for every young person’s general wellbeing in physical and mental health. It is also proven to be a strong booster of learning potential or brain power. By inspiring children as champions of tomorrow, Sports For Champions envision youth growing in all walks of life as healthy, [pro] active community-minded talents.

Alongside Team Sports For Champions, athletes invest in local communities to avail of support with training-related costs (e.g. physio/travel). Most world-class athletes train a rigorous 35hr week and struggle to find reliable work that fits their schedule. This is how the funds we raise enable athletes and your school/club to realise their potential. Many pro athletes are unsponsored, lose support, or cannot find it.

Sports For Champions offers schools the benefit of an added investment on resources/facilities, whilst helping athletes with the funds required to sustain their journey with a contribution towards training and competition fees, medical costs, equipment, and more.

Bournehall Primary School will be receiving an inspirational visit from renowned Professional athlete Antonio Infantino on the 11th of November 2021 and we need your support!

The pupils will benefit from Physical activity, an inspirational talk including medal display and a Q&A session.

Why is this important?

Bournehall Primary School need to recover and rebuild after the national lockdown and with the help of a visit from Antonio Infantino the pupils and teachers will be given the tools to respond to issues like a pandemic, begin to focus on friendships and social engagement all while improving their physical and mental well being.

Bournehall Primary School will benefit from the money raised to invest in key front-line services and equipment.

How can you help?

We're asking all parents to help make it a memorable event for the pupils with the help of Antonio Infantino and to raise funds for key resources for Bournehall Primary School.

If you are a local business or a friend of the school and would like to contribute to help us get to our target then please do make a donation and share our project as far as you can.

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