Rape My Pleasure - 5 Steps to Recovery

by sian young in Littlehampton, England, United Kingdom

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Victims of rape are locked in a cycle of guilt, sadness and fear. This is theft of the pleasure of life, this book is here to change that.

by sian young in Littlehampton, England, United Kingdom

Knowing that 1 in 3 women in the world experience sexual assault at least once in their life is not all right with me!  (Source of figure: World Health Organisation,(WHO)

20% of women and 4% of men have experienced some type of sexual assault since the age of 16, equivalent to 3.4 million female and 631,000 male victims: Source 1627049482_screen_shot_2021-07-23_at_15.11.04.png

10% of profits from the sale of this book will be given to RapeCrisis.Org and they will be sharing the book on their website.

About Author

I have been raped 7 times, the first rape started a chain of events that led to me being homeless for 7 years where I experienced 6 more rapes. I know how hard it is and how it can affect every area of your life, I want to empower rape survivors to take back their power! (This was me when I got out of my sickbed after homelessness) 1627049376_pic_sian_homeless.jpeg

I previously wrote this book and received 27 five star reviews, but what made me revise and rewrite it are the comments I received about how it has stopped people from committing suicide, it has changed readers views on their experience with rape.


And now after 20 years in business, my team and I supported over 5000 women to transform their well-being transforming the ways in which trauma show up in your life. I wanted to bring this revised edition with my 5 Steps to Recovery program added to it.


I am the founder of © Sustainable Success Coach and CEO of © The Centre for Sustainable Action a UN and TEDxWomen International Speaker a Multi-Award-Winning Published Author, Guest Writer for the Entrepreneur.com and Authority magazine co-creator of SDG - Assessment tool for SMEs

I am a health & lifestyle coach combining my story with my expertise and experience after 20 years in business and thriving through 7 years homeless and then bedridden for 2 years creating a proven formula for Sustainable Health & Wellbeing.1627050735_head_shot_with_laptop.jpg

I am living proof that abusers can not win, I also believe hurt people hurt people and the only way we will break this cycle is to heal.

The Project

I have written the content already but I need funding to send it to editors, to be formatted and to market the book successfully. 

I have purchased the cover already from a young up and coming graphic designer. My son inspired me to move forward with this project but I need your support to cover the production and marketing costs.

I have a combined team of publishing experts and marketing experts to support this project to be a success. I have a large network of supporters in journalism, press and entrepreneurship who are ready to share this book with their networks.

I have pre-booked appearances on podcasts and in Facebook community groups to share this book and am constantly looking for further ways to expose this project to the world so we can help as many victims of rape reclaim their life as we can. 

How is the money being spent?

  • Editors and proofreaders
  • Designer to lay the text out onto pages and make the book print ready
  • Graphic designer for marketing content
  • Local printing in the UK, on FSC, certified environmental paper. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests.
  • Packaging and distribution
  • ISBN number and book listing 
  • Donation of 100 books 
  • Travel and delivery for some of the pledges
  • Marketing costs and project management support to ensure success

5 Steps to Recovery

Is the online study course that will be available FREE to all who purchase the book is being sponsored by a company called  


GTeX® (Growing Together Exponentially) exists to create a space where experts can collaborate, support each other, grow their businesses and make the world a better place, by creating an inclusive community where our members can feel safe to be themselves, be focused on what really matters to grow their business, and have fun along the way because together we can make a bigger difference.

I will film the lessons that are in the book and add any extra resources I feel would further support the reader's recovery and these will be available for self-study and development beyond what the book will offer.

Words Have Power

You can have a pleasurable life full of love, happiness and peace of mind after abuse, you do have the power to recall your energy back. Let me help you to disconnect from the abuse and abuser so that they never have the pleasure of stealing your life.

They don't deserve You!


This project offers rewards in return for your donation

£10 or more

Signed Copy of Rape My Pleasure Book

Get the first off the press printed and signed book, this includes P&P to UK addresses. You also get access to the online study course 5 Steps to Recovery allowing you to reclaim your power for now!

£19 or more

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Power up Your 'NO' - Helen Snape

Helen Snape is a Healthy Relationships Coach who helps ‘good girls’ grow their guilt-free ‘No’ and find fulfilling relationships by building boundaries, confidence and effective communication skills. Helen has been coaching for over 10 years, has a degree in Psychology from the University of Warwick and is qualified in mindfulness, somatic coaching and coaching with trauma. This one hour workshop will make No an easier word to say!

£40 or more

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Forward Through Forgiveness- Keith Blakemore-Noble

How would you like to be able to – Easily and completely cut ties to old relationships which no longer serve you? Move powerfully forward in your life, free from the past, ready for the future? All so that you can propel yourself forward in life. This online course is brought to you by Keith Blackmore Noble an award-winning international speaker. Multi-time best-selling author.

£45 or more

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Emotional Freedom Technique Session (EFT) - Sian

Enjoy a 45min EFT session to support you to move past blocks in your life, relieve stress, anxiety, fear, money blocks and so much more. I have personally used EFT for over 20 years but recently decided to add the diploma to my qualifications so that I can share with you the success I have had using it. (priced £80 per session normally) You will be sent a diary link to book a time slot after the successful completion of this campaign.

£47 or more

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5 Steps to Recovery - Sian Young

This 3-hour group workshop will bring to life my 5 Steps to Recovery online course. We will join together with this online live event and work through the steps collectively moving forward. Step one: Regathering Yourself Step Two: How to Manage and Protect Your Energy and Space Step Three: Is it ok that it’s all about YOU? Step Four: Connect Healthy body and healthy mind? Step Five: How do I plan for success? Take your power back!

£75 or more

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Reiki Healing Treatment with Clare Ford

Clare Ford is an expert educator and Wellness coach. Who is giving her time so that we can all make a difference together with this campaign.

£100 or more

7 Steps to Mindfulness - Sian Young

This is a self-study course guiding you through 7 different steps to achieve mindfulness in your life. From a calm mind, you can create a calm life, this course has a short video training followed by a supporting infographic, PDF or explainer video and a 3 question quiz at the end of each section to help you really embed the knowledge. You also walk away with a certificate of completion. This course is available on my website priced £142

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