by Jan Bridget in Todmorden, England, United Kingdom

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To acquire 18 photographs to illustrate Will Sutton: The Forgotten Trail Breaker of Vancouver Island.

by Jan Bridget in Todmorden, England, United Kingdom

To acquire 18 photographs to illustrate Will Sutton: The Forgotten Trail Breaker of Vancouver Island.  

After three years of intensive research and writing I have just completed this biography.  In 1933 Will Sutton's sister in law donated a photograph album containing 57 of his photographs to the Royal British Columbia Archive.  I need to access 18 photographs from the archive, many from this album, to illustrate the biography.  But it costs $50 to get a copy of one photograph and another $50 for the licence fee, so that is $100 per photograph (it is $70 for photographs which have already been digitised).  I am a pensioner and only have a state pension - I cannot afford to buy these photographs myself.

Book Synopsis

Curious to know who the role model for Heathcliff might be?  Want to know how Sutton Pass, Sutton Boulders, Lost Shoe Creek, Sutton Rock and Sutton Limestones on Vancouver Island, and Sutton Park, Sutton Street, William Street and Williamsburgh in Kincardine, Ontario got their names?  Interested in early lumbering on Vancouver Island?  Or who procured many of the skulls for Franz Boas?  Or that an Emily Carr painting in the Art Gallery of Ontario was wrongly labelled?   These questions and more are answered in this fascinating, well researched, biography of Will Sutton, The Forgotten Trail Breaker of Vancouver Island. 

Will’s story is brought to life with many of his photographs until now hidden in the bowels of British Columbia Archives.  We go on a journey from 19th century Dent in Yorkshire to Ontario to meet the first sheriff of Bruce County who was sacked after 25 years of service, to Vancouver Island to learn about the adventures of Will, a Timberman, Geologist, Assayer, Grave Robber, Surveyor, Lecturer, Explorer, Pioneer, Scientist and Promoter of Vancouver Island, whose mineral collection can be found at the Pacific Museum of Earth.

I am still trying to find a publisher but as a last resort will publish on-line.  The last publisher, whilst not accepting my manuscript for publication, nevertheless said, " looks very interesting.  It's an excellent collection of important research."

Please help me get this book, and the important photographs, published.  Thank you.

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