Team Bone Rattler Cycling Ride London-Essex-100

by Team Bone Rattler in Walsall, England, United Kingdom

Team Bone Rattler Cycling Ride London-Essex-100

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Team Bone Rattler are going to cycle 100 miles on 26 May 2024 in aid of Gynocological Cancer, Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

by Team Bone Rattler in Walsall, England, United Kingdom

Team Bone Rattler are cyclist over 55 years and are supporting two charities by cycling 100 miles in the Ride London-Essex 100-mile cycle challenge. All donations will go to the charities to support thosewe with Gynaecological Cancer, Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus.

Fundraising day in Aldridge

we are teaming up with Essential Clothing in Aldridge to boost our fundraising efforts for the charities below please come along on the 18th May between 10:00am - 3:00pm and give generously, we have merchandise on sale, wrist bands, baloons and trolly tockens, the minimum donation is £2. please help us to help those in need!  

The Team

Mark Smith is a survivor of Bone Cancer and rides a road bike, Mark is relatively new to cycling, he rides as much as he can with the team and every Tuesday with his local cycling club Walsall Arboretum Cycling Club (WACC)

Condessa Parke, her mother had a Gynaecological Cancer, Condessa rides a road bike and has been cycling for a short time and in that time has succeeded to complete Ride London-Essex 60-mile cycle challenge in 2023.

Andrew Moult is a survivor of Heart Attack and Stroke, Andrew has been cycling around 4 years who completed a coast to coast from Southport to Hornsea across the Trans Pennine Way on a Hand Cycle, he also rode with Condessa in 2023 and completed Ride London-Essex 60-mile cycle challenge. Andrew uses a hand cycle because of his disabilities which restrict him from using a normal cycle.


The Charities

The Eve Appeal is a charity that supports women with a Gynaecological Cancer, 60 women a day are diagnosed with a Gynaecological Cancer and of those 21 women will sadly die.

There are five gynaecological cancers,

  • Womb
  • Ovarian
  • Cervical
  • Vulval
  • Vaginal

Each year in the UK, around 22,050 women and people with gynae organs are diagnosed with one of these cancers. 


Shine is a charity that supports people from birth to death with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, their families and carers.

Spina bifida is a condition that affects the spine and is usually apparent at birth. It is a type of neural tube defect (NTD).

Spina bifida can happen anywhere along the spine if the neural tube does not close all the way. When the neural tube doesn’t close all the way, the backbone that protects the spinal cord doesn’t form and close as it should. This often results in damage to the spinal cord and nerves.

Spina bifida might cause physical and intellectual disabilities that range from mild to severe. The severity depends on:

  • The size and location of the opening in the spine.
  • Whether part of the spinal cord and nerves are affected.


Congenital hydrocephalus is when a baby is born with excess fluid in their brain.

It can be caused by a condition such as spina bifida, or an infection the mother develops during pregnancy, such as mumps or rubella (German measles).

Many babies born with hydrocephalus (congenital hydrocephalus) have permanent brain damage.

This can cause several long-term complications, such as:

  • learning disabilities
  • speech problems
  • memory problems
  • short attention span
  • problems with organisational skills
  • vision problems, such as a squint and vision loss
  • problems with physical coordination
  • epilepsy

If your child has learning disabilities, they'll need extra support from their nursery or school to ensure their needs are being met.

Hydrocephalus that develops in children or adults

Acquired hydrocephalus can affect children or adults. It usually develops after an illness or injury. For example, it may happen after a serious head injury or as a complication of a medical condition, such as a brain tumour.

We need your generosity to support the charities that will support those with Gynaecological  Cancer, Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus. 

Previous Projects 

  • In 2022 we did the Coast to Coast from Southport to Hornsea in 4 days across the Trans Pennine Way on a Hand Cycle, to raise funds in support of Shine, is a charity that supports people from birth to death with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus, their families and carers. clixk here to see project
  • In 2023 we did the Ride London to Essex 60 mile, to raise fund in support of The Eve Project this is for Women with Gynaecological Cancerin the UK.


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