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Bristol Local Food Fund is a new fund to help community food projects fight food insecurity in our city.

We're still collecting donations

On the 30th November 2021 we'd raised £54,645 with 443 supporters in 36 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

Why do we need a Bristol Local Food Fund?


There are so many brilliant community food projects in Bristol tackling food insecurity, but they struggle to access enough grant funding due to lack of time, capacity, knowledge and connections.

That's why we're launching the Bristol Local Food Fund (BLFF) - to bring Bristol together and create "one city" fund that can provide accessible, flexible funding to help those community food projects that are leading the fight against food insecurity.

1635203664_line.pngWho is behind the campaign?

The Bristol Local Food Fund is project run entirely by volunteers, most of whom live in Bristol and care about food, community, sustainability and making a positive difference. The project started in July 2020 during the first lockdown by Mike Lloyd-Jones, a Bristol resident who has worked and volunteered in Bristol’s third sector for over ten years.


Bristol Local Food Fund is working in partnership with Bristol City Council, Burges Salmon, Feeding Bristol, Quartet Community Foundation on behalf of Bristol City Funds, and Bristol Food Network. The partners have been supporting the development through advice, support and connections to help the BLFF project develop. The money raised by the crowdfunder campaign - and any other donations to the project - will be held by Feeding Bristol and Quartet Community Foundation on behalf of the partnership.

The BLFF team have engaged with many community food projects in Bristol, to understand their needs and the needs of their community to ensure that BLFF is following an approach that is helpful and meeting their needs and the needs of their respective communities.


1635957645_crowdfunder_graphics_(2).png1635203664_line.pngCitizen's Panel:

To make sure the fund truly serves people in the city who are most in need, BLFF will recruit a Citizen’s Panel, a team of people with lived experience of food poverty, to help to design the fund. 

The panel members will be diverse and representative of many areas of Bristol, especially communities, areas and demographics that are most heavily impacted by food insecurity. The panel members will be remunerated for their time at the equivalent rate of the real living wage and will be professionally facilitated and supported through the design process.

The panel will likely take place from December 2021 to February 2022, with the first round of grants awarded in March 2022. The specifics of the fund - e.g. the awards process, eligibility criteria will be shaped by the Citizens Panel, but guided by principles of equity, accessibility, flexibility and a vision of making good quality, affordable food available to everyone.

The BLFF team will connect community food projects, partners, stakeholders and other relevant organisations in the city with the panel to ensure that a breadth of knowledge and information is shared, and that all voices are heard, fairly and openly.

The BLFF team and partners believe that following this approach will make the fund more effective and impactful because the people it aims to help will have a big say in how it is delivered.

1635203664_line.pngWhat kinds of organisations will benefit?

The Bristol Local Food Fund will give grant funding to community food projects working in areas of greatest disadvantage in our city.

A lot of the decision-making about the grant process is for the Citizen's Panel, but we are committed to a fund that:

  • Prioritises equitable outcomes - understands the structural problems that cause food insecuity, and is focussed on improving access to good quality, affordable food for people who are impacted most severely by food insecurity.
  • Making the application, awards and monitoring/reporting processes of the grants as inclusive and as accessible as possible for people of every background, particularly those who are disproportionately impacted by structural inequalities.
  • Giving flexibility to applicants and grantees - allowing them to spend grants - based on their own perceived needs

An example of how a grant might be spent:

At Heart of BS13 in Hartcliffe - where food insecurity affects 1 in 8 households - they are improving food security by providing affordable, nutritious ready meals - made by their Real Meal Store, which is sourced from their own market garden - the Kitchen Garden Enterprise. 


1635203664_line.pngLong term vision:

Our vision is a city where everyone has access to good quality, affordable, culturally appropriate food regardless of their background or situation.

£100,000 is nowhere near enough to solve food inequality in our city. We want this to be the first round that we’ll launch, learn from and go again.

We don’t just want to make a small one-off impact. Ultimately the BLFF team and partners hope to create a rolling fund that Bristol contributes to and supports on an ongoing basis – business, citizens, institutions – to help to build a truly fair food system in our city.


As an extra incentive to donate to this crowdfunder, we have an amazing array of rewards to choose from, offered by some of Bristol's finest local independent food and drink businesses.

Different rewards will be uploaded in phases, every week from campaign launch to close. This will help spread out the rewards and ensure a continuous flow of donations. All rewards will be processed and distributed at the end of the campaign (30th November 2021). Feel free to send us a message if you have any questions, or you are a business that would like to offer a reward yourself.1635203664_line.png


We are very grateful to Essential Trading for sponsoring the video production, to Sam Cole who went above and beyond to make this brilliant video:

And a special thanks to Nirmal Singh (Eastside Community Trust / Felix Road Adventure Playground), Kirsty Hammond (Heart of BS13), Jamie Cameron (Burges Salmon), Louise Delmege (National Food Service Bristol), Samira Musse (Barton Hill Activity Club) and Laura Welti (Bristol Disability Equality Forum) for giving up their time to appear in our video!

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£30 or more

Hugo's Greengrocer - Seasonal Veg Box

Cook up a storm with a super fresh, local and seasonal vegbox from Hugo's Greengrocer. RRP £15. Bristol delivery only

£5 or more

St Werburghs City Farm - Animal Feed Bag

Share the joys of food with the animals at St Werburgh's City Farm with a small bag of animal feed. RRP £3. Collect from the farm

£15 or more

Farro Bakery - £5 Brass Gift Token

The new Bristol pound! This £5 brass gift token from Farro Bakery will pay for a coffee and cake of your choice

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Mission Pizza - Any Pizza

Award winning wood-fired Neo-Neapolitan style pizza from Mission Pizza. You can choose any pizza from their menu. RRP ~£10

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Ah-Ma's Dumplings - £10 Gift Voucher

Enjoy £10's worth of delicious Cantonese-style cuisine from Ah-Ma's Dumplings

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Gopal's Curry Shack - £10 Gift Voucher

Grab £10's worth of aromatic and vibrant Indian street food from Gopal's Curry Shack

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Bento Boss - £10 Gift Voucher

Claim £10's worth of authentic East Asian food & freshly made sushi from Bento Boss

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Foodstuff Bristol - £10 Discount Code

£10 discount code for FoodStuff Bristol. Food delivery with a twist - independents only; riders on living wage; zero emissions delivery

£50 or more

Purezza - £20 Gift Voucher

The UK's first vegan pizzeria - Purezza - invites you to luxuriate in plant-based goodness with a £20 gift voucher

£300 or more

St Werburghs City Farm - Boiling Wells Hire

Celebrate in style at St Werburgh's City Farm's beautiful 2.5-acre woodland Boiling Wells site. Private hire; 10AM - 5PM; maximum of 30 people (subject to date agreement / leaving site as found): RRP £275

£300 or more

Heart of BS13 - Business Team Building Away Day

Upgrade your business's team building away day with a day in the garden at Heart of BS13 (subject to date agreement / leaving site as found). This includes a hearty lunch of fresh, homegrown produce from their field kitchen, as well as tea and coffee. Up to 10 people. RRP £250. Expiry April 2022

£10 or more

Heart of BS13 - Compost Workshop

Learn how to reduce waste, save money and grow happy and healthy plants during Heart of BS13's Compost Workshop. RRP £7.50. Availability on Tues 16 November 1:30 – 3:30pm or Tues 23 November 1:30 – 3:30-pm

£15 or more

Cibomatto Bristol - Silkscreen Printed Tote Bag

Nothing holds fresh, delicate pasta like a soft and stylish tote bag; grab yours from Cibomatto Bristol. RRP £10

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The Good Egg - Le Good Egg Montreal Tote Bag

Shop in style with a lightweight organic tote bag from The Good Egg London. RRP £8. UK delivery only

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Better Food - £5 Gift Voucher

Indulge in £5's worth of organic, ethical and local food and products from Better Food

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Radical Roasters - 250g Bag of Coffee

Fuel yourself through winter's long dark days with a 250g bag of coffee from a new small batch micro roastery in Bristol - Radical Roasters. Choose grind and coffee variety - Colombia or Ethiopia. RRP £9-12. Bristol delivery only

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Zero Green - £10 Gift Voucher

Shop consciously and sustainably with £10's worth of food and products from the zero-waste store Zero Green

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Zero Green - Reusable Water Bottle

Never go thirsty again with a Zero Green branded stainless-steel water bottle. RRP £17.95. Bristol delivery only

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Southville Deli - £10 Gift Voucher

A South Bristol stronghold - Southville Deli offers top quality organic, local and fresh wholefoods. Enjoy a £10 gift voucher

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High grade smash burgers cooked up by burger chef of the year 2021! Claim a £10 gift voucher from Danny's Burgers

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Treat yourself to £10's worth of homemade cakes, fresh coffee and houseplants from Emmeline

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Small St. Espresso - Box of 6 Doughnuts

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Scoop Wholefoods - £10 Gift Voucher

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Essential Trading - Hamper of Wholesome Produce

A selection of Essential Trading's finest own-brand essentials. Contents include: Essential Branded [Jackfruit (400g); Vegetable Soup (680g); Dark Chocolate Spread (400g); Herbal Tea (20 bags); Cereal/ Muesli (500g)] + La Terra Pasta (500g). Flavours will vary. RRP £16. Bristol collection only from Harvest (Gloucester Road) or Essential Warehouse (Lodge Causeway Trading Estate, Fishponds).

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Fox & West - Medium Seasonal Veg Box

Unpack and feast on a freshly prepared seasonal veg box from Fox & West. Suitable for 2-3 people. RRP £11. Bristol delivery only

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Hart's Bakery - £10 Gift Voucher

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The Forest Bakery - Vegan Bread & Pastry Bag

A magic bag of your own creation, choose 2 vegan pastries and 2 loaves from The Forest Bakery. RRP £12.50. Bristol delivery only

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Heavenly Hedgerows - English Preserves Hamper

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Redcatch Community Garden -Homemade Produce Hamper

Secure a hamper of delights from Redcatch Community Garden. All produce is made onsight by RCG's chefs, using homegrown ingredients. Contents include: Apple Juice; Harissa; Spiced Apple Chutney; Kimchi; Hot Chilli Sauce. RRP £24. Bristol collection from RCG or Bristol delivery

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St Werburghs City Farm Cafe - Lunch for Two

Farm to Fork with minimal food yards, enjoy a meal for two up to £30 from St Werburgh's City Farm Cafe

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The Gallimaufry - £20 Gift Voucher

Nurse a crisp pint (or 4) to some smooth jazz at the Gloucester Road institution The Gallimaufry with a £20 voucher. Expiry date of 3 months

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Hoba Kebab - Meal for Two

Gnaw on a feast for two from Hoba Kebab. Choose from 2x Berlin-inspired chargrilled kebabs, 2x sides and 2x dips. RRP £35

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Heart of BS13 - 'Real Meals' Bundle

Receive 6 quality, pre-prepared, home-style ready meals from Heart of BS13's Kitchen Garden Enterprise team. RRP £35. Bristol delivery only. Carefully selected by the KGE team

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Pieminister - Box of 12 Pies

Mix and match a dozen of your favourite pies from Pieminister's award-winning range. RRP £45. UK delivery only

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Popti & Beast - Family of 4 Burger Meal

A delux burger meal deal for a family of 4 is on offer from the lovely team at Popti & Beast. This includes 2 adult burgers, 2 kids burgers, 4 drinks, 4 fries and 4 ice creams. RRP £44.40

£100 or more

Field Bakery - Field to Loaf Sourdough Workshop

Master the art of sourdough baking using regional grains with this hands-on workshop from Field Bakery (located at Gothelney Farm, Bridgwater). RRP £130

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Bay View Guest House - One Night's Accommodation

Escape the city with one night's accommodation in a sea view room overlooking the Jurassic Coast at Bay View Guest House (located in Beer, Devon). RRP £105. Closed until mid-Feb 2022.

£150 or more

Cibomatto Bristol - Pasta Workshop for 2 People

Master the craft of pasta making with an authentic Italian workshop from Cibomatto Bristol. For 2 people. Meal included at the end of the workshop. RRP £120. Subject to available dates

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