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by Ami Shirley in Bisbrooke, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 21st August 2019 we successfully raised £10,221 with 88 supporters in 41 days

We want to expand our tiny bakery so that we can bring REAL sourdough bread to all of Rutland and Leicestershire!

by Ami Shirley in Bisbrooke, England, United Kingdom

 New stretch target

Our stretch target would allow us to purchase a Factory Reconditioned Compacta 5-3-8HS RH W/D Steam oven or similar, instead of the 3-2-8 RH model that we originally aimed for. It would also pay for a year's rent on our new premises to allow us to focus on expanding our community outreach work and our customer base in a low pressure environment for much longer.

Why is our project important?

Nourishing the community

  • There is a demand in Leicestershire and Rutland for healthy, gut-friendly sourdough bread made with 100% organic and locally sourced ingredients. However, there are not many bakers in the region with the unique expertise to make this high quality product. We want to fill this gap and crowdfunding will allow us to expand our production and take our sourdough out to a wider geographical area. 
  • The use of wild yeasts dates back to Egyptian civilisation. We are dedicated to help preserving the techniques of making true sourdough, which commercially produced brands that use fermentation aids are currently driving to extinction.  As well as continuing to make bread in the time honoured fashion, having commercial premises will give us the space to use our educational expertise to share our knowledge about sourdough through workshops for the community and schools.

Who we are

Lance & Ami run a micro-bakery from their kitchen in Bisbrooke, Rutland. This is Ami speaking!! Lance gave up a career in IT and I took early retirement from teaching to follow our passion for real sourdough in 2018.

Why our bread is unique

The ingredients for our gut-friendly breads are locally sourced, including flour from Wessex Mill and Whissendine Mill. The artisan processes of natural leavening, proofing, rounding, shaping and retarding the bread takes 30-36 hours. Only when these stages are right can it be baked. Knowing every stage has been done correctly is where the baker's skill is crucial.

We are known for our interesting varieties of sourdoughs - including charcoal & caraway, turmeric & fennel, citrus rye, sesame and a lovely Omega 3 mix. I also make a range of fresh spicy condiments, drawing on my Bangladeshi heritage, to accompany the breads and to give people a new flavour experience.

Why we knead your support!

Our local community has been incredibly supportive of us from the beginning. From baking 5 loaves a week less than a year ago, we are now baking close to 1,000 loaves per month. We gave up our old lives, gained our 5* kitchen inspection rating and started reaching out to find our customers. We now supply sourdough to over 10 local cafes and a deli.

However, now we want to bring real sourdough, that made with 100% self fermentation and no yeast, to even more people. To do this we need to move out of our own kitchen and into a business unit with a bigger oven and larger capacity.

How would we use the money?

To ensure we are as transparent about our crowdfunder as we are about our dedication to locally sourced artisan sourdough, here is a breakdown of how we intend to spend the funds, if our project is successful. Luckily we already have the baking and educational expertise to ensure there are no additional costs attached to increasing our baking schedule and to offering workshops and classes.

£7200 oven - Factory Reconditioned Compacta 3-2-8 RH with W/D Steam or similar

£200 commercial shelving

£800 marketing support - as we are bakers and educators we know that we need support with getting this crowdfunding project heard about, as well as reaching new customers should the project be successful.

£750 producing/posting rewards

£150 launch event at new premises to help raise awareness of our project

3% crowdfunding platform fee

We also have a stretch target of £20k - should we reach our initial target. This will support our move to a larger premises, including rent of £4500 per six month period. However, we have planned for the business to support these costs initially should we only reach our primary objective. The show will go on!

Where can Bisbrooke Bread be found at the moment?

We have a network of the highest quality stockists, who sell our loaves or use them as part of their award winning menus. Find out more on our website. Our stockists include:

1: Direct from our Bisbrooke home - order and swing by to collect from our micro-bakery.

2: Fika in Oakham @fikaoakham 

3: Budgens in Uppingham @discoverbudgens 

4: The Tiny Bakery in Leicester @thetinybakeryle2 

5: Served at The Marquess of Exeter in Lyddington @marquess_exeter 

6: Served at The Falcon Hotel in Uppingham @thefalconhotel 

7: Served at Skylark Bakery in Leicester @skylarkbakery 

8: Served at the menu at 100andsix in Leicester @100andsix 

9: Served at The Leicester Coffee House @leicestercoffee 

10: Served at The Coffee Counter in Leicester @thecoffeecounteruk 

11: Part of the platters at Pate-licious Market Harborough 

12: Available to pre-order at the South Wigston News & Deli


This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£30 or more

Sourdough for a month

Be immortalised on our Wall of Thanks and receive vouchers allowing you to redeem a loaf of sourdough per week for a month.

£5 or more

Wall of Thanks

Be immortalized on our Wall of Thanks in the new bakery! We will make sure the name of each and every supporter is recorded so that we can always celebrate your contribution to making our dream come true!

£10 or more

6 of 100 claimed

Bisbrooke Artisans Tote Bag

Your name on our Wall of Thanks, and you'll receive an organic Bisbrooke Artisans tote bag.

£15 or more

Two sourdough loaves

Be featured on the Wall of Thanks and receive a voucher for two sourdough loaves of your choice, to be collected fresh from the new bakery.

£50 or more

Pay it forward - support the community

Be on the Wall of Thanks, and pay your reward forward to a member of the community who would benefit from the skills and new found confidence that comes from attending a sourdough making workshop. We will ensure that a place is given to a member of the community who could not otherwise afford to attend.

£100 or more

3 of 20 claimed

Two tickets to our launch party!

Join us at our VIP Oven Warming Party to celebrate the success of the crowdfunder and the start of the new phase of Bisbrooke Artisans. We'll have delicious food & drink and some great entertainment on offer at this memorable event!

£365 or more

A Year of Sourdough!

Enjoy a set of vouchers that you can exchange for a loaf of fresh sourdough bread every week for a year at the new Bisbrooke Artisans bakery. Can you think of anything more delicious?

£500 or more

Private Cookery Lesson for 4

If you love sourdough, but you want some new inspiration of what to do with it, this is the reward for you. A private hands-on cookery lesson for up to 4 people with Ami at the new bakery, on how to make up an innovative sourdough menu to wow your guests. You'll go home with a small feast!

£1,000 or more

A Private Lesson in the Mysteries of Sourdough

An exclusive workshop at the new bakery for up to 8 people to learn the mysteries of sourdough production, and to get hands on with our starter! The bakery, and our knowledgeable team, will be entirely at your disposal to answer your burning questions about the right degree of sourness and the perfect chew in the crust! A delicious sourdough based lunch will be included and each guest will get to take home a loaf of sourdough of their choice!

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