Birmingham Tigers VEO Fund

by Siraj Hussain in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Birmingham Tigers VEO Fund


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Birmingham Tigers FC is a semi-pro club aimed at increasing representation of under-represented groups in semi-pro football.

by Siraj Hussain in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

We hope to use the VEO camera to add an element of professionalism to our club. It will be an excellent addition to our programme as it will allow us to analyse our match performances using high-quality equipment, whilst simultaneously allowing us to create content to enhance our marketing efforts.

We need this camera because of its self-controlling nature which will allow us to record our games without the need of recruiting a volunteer to have to physically man the camera for the duration of the game. 

Cost breakdown is as follows:

Camera: £1099

Stand: £179

Subscription (£29 per month x 36 months): £1044

Total: £2322

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