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We care about the passion of Sri Lankan Buddhists to improve their meditation. Through the use of innovative technology, we introduced new m

by Kindness Code in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom

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New stretch target

Develop a scholarship program to offer Kindness Road FREE to unaffordable children and parents in Sri Lanka. 

I am Harsha Liyanage. Kindness Code is my personal journey to share the lessons learned in my pursuit of meditation practice over 25 years, drawing from East and West. Since 2019 August, I have dedicated myself to serving humanity, promoting loving-kindness (i.e., metta), meditation, and mindfulness. 'The Kindness Code' - a book published on was my first project illustrating the concept. 

I have learned my meditation practices from my guru; a monk who lived a monastic life in a thick forest in Sri Lanka. Since his demise in 2007, I started exploring other masters both in the West and East. During the last two years, my meditation was benefited by the advanced lessons taken from Maitreya Bodhisatva, with the communication assistance of late Priyantha Senanayake, through the Hela Suwaya. 

What are we trying to achieve?

We care about the passion of Sri Lankan Buddhists to improve their meditation. Through the use of innovative technology, we introduced new methods for learning and practising Buddhist meditation and mindfulness. 

We are trying to expand this program to children, young adults and parents living in Sri Lanka and beyond (such as Canada, UK, the USA, Australia and Italy). 

Why is this something people should care about?

COVID-19 showed us many ways to simplify our lives. The Buddhist way of living is now more meaningful than ever. We introduced simple ways to be kind. Experience a guided meditation through Zoom and a YouTube video to lighten up your metta (loving-kindness). And empower yourself by advancing day-by-day towards Vipassana. Additionally, we introduced home-based retreats (incorporating carefully crafted elements of a silent retreat in a monastery inside a thick forest in Sri Lanka). 

What makes our project worthwhile?

You can train yourself to live a conscious life (Jeevithayma Bhavanavak Karaganna) through Bhavana Masterclass, by using ZOOM & YouTube, at your own pace, on your own schedule, completely independently.

What impact would it have on the community?

Just within the last 12 months, we have been able to serve over 10,000 people through our Zoom Masterclasses. We have surpassed 100,000 views on YouTube of over 200 videos uploaded every week. Currently, 1600 meditation practitioners are guided by 33 WhatsApp groups. Meditation retreats at home are becoming more popular. 

Now, Sri Lankans living in the US, the UK, Italy, the Middle East and Australia are participating. Through active participation with Buddhist practices, we can make Sri Lankans around the world feel more homely.

What makes our project special?

We introduce simple ways to practice Buddhism every day. And then to advance it day by day through smart, innovative technology and a caring online community. 


This project offered rewards

£350 or more

5 Scholarships (Ape Daham Pasala)

One year scholarship (worth £72) to five students.

£25 or more

Kindness Road subscription

5-month subscription to Kindness Road

£140 or more

Two scholarships to Ape Daham Pasala

Providing scholarships to two students to subscribe to Ape Dahama Pasala (Online tool), for one whole year.

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