Bexhill & Battle Green Party Election Fund

by Rother Green Party in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, United Kingdom

Bexhill & Battle Green Party Election Fund

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£1,500 target 12 days left
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Keep what you raise – this project will receive all pledges made by 28th June 2024 at 10:16am

Enable the Green Party to stand a candidate in the Bexhill & Battle constituency.

by Rother Green Party in Robertsbridge, East Sussex, United Kingdom

A general election is the best opportunity Greens have to get our ‘people-and-planet’ message out across the Bexhill and Battle constituency at a time when the two main parties are ignoring the climate crisis and growing inequality. 

Greens want to see local authorities build hundreds of thousands of social homes for affordable rents. We want to fund the NHS properly. We want our schools to give our children the tools to live a full and rewarding life not just to be a cog in a wheel at work. We want our wild spaces to be valued and the creatures we share our planet with to be protected. We’d put an end to our rivers being pumped full of sewage. We would take public service monopolies back into public ownership, both water and railways. We’d ensure each and every citizen has more say in how the government should work for us.

A leaflet qualifying for free delivery to all the homes in our area will cost almost £900, ‘Vote Green’ sign boards will set us back almost £500 and our deposit will be another £500. 

Every Green vote has the potential to net the party 19p in ‘Short money’. By standing a candidate in this and every other consituency, we could raise over £200,000 from this source.  

The Green Party doesn't take donations from large corporate investors or companies.  We don't want to have our local or national representatives in the pockets of large corporations who are looking out for their own interests.  We're only interested in representing people like you and me in Westminster and in local government. Our primary source of funding is our own revenue raising activities such as boot fairs, quiz nights and small private donations.  We're the only national party that operates like this and it means we will always be free to fight for issues and individuals without fear of favour.

In the context of the multi-million pound budgets that our opponents have to call on, our resources are tiny.  But what we lack in cash we more than make up for in enthusiasm and drive. 

Every pound you can spare will have a huge impact. Thank you for helping.

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