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Operation of animal rescue kennels, including rehoming, care and treatment of all animals.

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B.A.R.K. is a small domestic animal charity based on the East Coast and on the England/Scotland Border.  

BARK takes domestic animals in from all over the UK but primarily a 80 mile radius of the kennels.  No limitations are put on their stay or the costs involved in veterinary treatment.  This does lead to some pretty hefty vet bills, but all of the animals are worth it. 

Just some of the animals that have been through our kennels, and this list is not exhaustive, include the obvious dogs and cats as well as rabbits, guineas, chinchillas, rats, degus, hamsters, gerbils, flying squirrels, pygmy hedgehogs, cockatiels, budgies, canaries, finches, a wide range of parrots, bearded dragons, spiders, snakes of all shapes and sizes, tortoises.

We do not shy away from animals that need that bit more and one such case was the quite amazing Tiggy, you can see her story here and also here. This is Tiggy today and thanks to all our supporters a miracle happened an she made it. 1642063608_271725948_4694100484002986_2819643938621276755_n.jpg

The animals we get in are as varied as their personalities and the reasons for them needed our help.  We offer life time back up for all our animals and love getting up to date photos and little stories about them.

Our put to sleep policy is the same as any responsible owner.  Sadly we do get animals in that's health is so bad, they are suffering and the kindest thing to do is to let them go with dignity.   Fortunately this happens rarely but our staff will always give them comfort in their last few days, weeks or months in their own homes.  

All BARK, cats, dogs and rabbits are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and all animals are offer life time back up. BARK continues to support animals with longer term, and expensive health problems, which might put a barrier to them finding a new and loving home.  Once such dog who has recently gone to her new home is our Storm.  It would probably be easier to tell you what she hadn't got wrong with her.  She deserved the chance to know true love and at 12 she is now in her final home. 


More recently we are getting more and more animals in from "hoarding" type environments, this includes dogs, cats and rabbits.  The most recent of (what turned out to be) over a dozen rabbits.  Two of whom were expecting.  All had been kept in tiny 18" cages.  1642064297_a7a92ebc-950f-427e-bc6f-2afd1c278b6c-2-1024x503.jpg

Small caged animals are some of the worst looked after animals, suffering unbearable torture for their entire lives.  BARK is keen to promote and fine homes that will give these types of animals the right environment to life fulfilling lives, as best they can in captivity.

It is only with ongoing support that BARK can plan ahead to make sure that BARK will be there to help out when the animals need help the most.  We appreciate all donations and thank you for taking the time to consider BARK as a charity you would like to support. 

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