Before Everything Else - Short Film

by Lucy Lund in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Before Everything Else - Short Film

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A coming of age short film about intertwined childhood friends Maisy and Ez, and how time and identity affect their relationship.

by Lucy Lund in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

The Story 

Maisy and Ez are intertwined childhood friends who grew up together in rural England. Maisy has a worsening abusive home life and Ez has become Maisy’s chosen family, a support system and place to escape to. They share everything from the thoughts they think to the air they breathe. Ez realises the only way for Maisy to escape her family is to push her to go to university.  

5 years later, Maisy is in her final year at university and their friendship feels different. Maisy’s identity has transformed, she’s a part of the city and the student buzz. Her life is filled with people, art and new things while Ez still works at the same pub at home. The friends are faced with the hard truths of time and change and the feeling that Maisy might not need Ez anymore. 


As someone who grew up in a tight-knit group of friends, I’m very familiar with how intimate and powerful these relationships can be. I also spent my childhood moving cities and countries so feel versed in the changing ideas of friendship over time. I want to tell a story that will capture that and my reflections on my own experiences influenced the development of Maisy and Ez's friendship.

I’m hoping this film will feel heartfelt and intimate. I’d like it to become a truthful representation of what is it to be bound in friendship as a young girl but also the realisation that, over time, this binding unravels because of a change in values or distance and, despite efforts, that connection can never be the same. 


The Team

Lucy Lund - Writer and Director 


Hello I’m Lucy! I’m the writer and first time director of And Everything Else. I’m also a third year student at Metfilm school, studying a BA in Practical Filmmaking. I’ve focused a lot of my time during this degree editing documentaries and short-form fiction as well as editing for production companies based in New York and London where I’ve worked with clients such as NASA and British actor, Colin McFarlane.

My love for writing has grown over my course at Metfilm school and I'm passionate about telling moving stories that matter. With my additional experience curating visuals in the art department and a sense of narrative and camerawork from editing, I felt like it was time to put these skills to use. Before Everything Else is a film that I’ve had cooking in the back of my mind for over a year now so I’m very excited to get it on its feet! 


Syed Hussain Ali - Producer 


Hi, My name is Syed Hussain Ali but I go around as Shau and I am the producer for this project. I am a passionate filmmaker driven by a profound love for storytelling and a meticulous attention to the art of production design. Throughout my career, I've crafted several compelling documentaries and a couple of captivating short films, all aimed at bringing to light the human stories and struggles that resonate deeply with me. 

My commitment to minority rights fuels my presence on social media, where I manage two impactful pages: Propergaanda, where I shed light on Pakistan’s cultural, political, and social issues, and Hussaini Khayal, which amplifies the voices of the Shia community and highlights their challenges. Collaborating seamlessly with Lucy, I bring to the table a unique synergy that fosters harmonious communication and a shared creative vision. This upcoming short film is particularly close to my heart, as it reflects my own journey as a Pakistani studying abroad, bridging the gap between two worlds. Eager to explore ambitious and vibrant locations that ignite excitement, I approach each project with infectious enthusiasm, ready to weave narratives that captivate audiences worldwide. 


James Lambert - Co-producer  


My name is James Lambert, I’m a recent Met Film School Graduate where I specialised in producing and Assistant Directing. Upon leaving university I have produced and AD’d three short films with several more projects in pre-production. I have had more experience with assistant directing with six short films under my belt and one feature. I aim to create an organised and efficient production, giving the cast and crew the tools they need to do their job to the best of their ability. 

Reece Delgado - Director of Photography 


Hi! I’m Reece, and I’m the Director of Photography for And Everything Else. I’m in my final year of film school, also studying a BA in Practical Filmmaking.  

I have gained experience in the last few years working on shorts, documentaries, TV series and features. Most of which I’ve done in film school. Although I usually assume roles within the camera and lighting department, and obsessively so, I also have a soft spot for screenwriting and editing which definitely aids me as a cinematographer.  

Before Everything Else is a film that I most definitely resonate with as I moved around Asia a lot growing up, from city to city and country to country. This story plucks my heartstrings in a way I can’t explain as I’ve always considered my friends as my family and leaving that behind no matter where I went was never easy. I can’t wait to work with Lucy and everyone on this beautiful crew to be able to communicate the kind of tender love that you just can’t replicate and I hope I’m able to do it justice through a lens! 


Visual Style

The film will use a contrast of handheld and static shots to convey the difference in Maisy and Ez’s friendship over time. 

The imagery of their friendship as teenagers will feel soft and organic, in a documentary-like way using handheld movement, shallow focus and close-ups. The backdrop of the English countryside will support this feeling of nostalgia and the film will have inserts of the natural environment that makes their friendship feel childlike.

The shift in their friendship, seen at Maisy’s university house, will be visualised through a swap to sticks as well as wider shots with more negative space in the composition between actors. The colours will be more muted and the light more diffused. 




Budget breakdown

Our goal is to raise £4500. The funds will go towards: 

Paying our lovely cast (£960-£1200).

Accommodations for crew to film outside London  (£450-£500). 

Locations and permits to film in public spaces (£450-£500). 

Transport for cast, crew and equipment to locations (£550-£600). 

Production Design (£200 - £250). 

Food to keep the crew energized during filming (and stay our friends) (£650). 

Kit rental (£300). 

Contingency for unforeseen expenses (£400). 

We appreciate any donations for this exciting film we are making, thank you for your support!


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