by Twinwoods Adventure in Milton Ernest, England, United Kingdom


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We want to #BeatTheBoredom and use world-class remote live escape rooms to bring people around the world together.

by Twinwoods Adventure in Milton Ernest, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We want to become the ultimate Remote Live destination. We are in the fortunate position of having a large amount of free space to build additional rooms and we will expand into these. Once we have built the rooms that we have space for we want to use our experience to bring escape rooms into your home.

Our next BIG IDEA is a set of Boxed Escape rooms that we can send out to customers for dinner parties, corporate events, birthday parties, you name it! The box will arrive at your home, our games master will connect via a Zoom/Teams call and guide you in the setup. They will then take charge of the game and ensure you have a fun-filled evening!

Here at Twinwoods Adventure, we’re all about exciting adventures, fun, and relaxation. Our customers come to us to fly their bodies in our wind tunnel, surf our indoor wave, climb, relax in our Health Club with thermal pool, escape our war-themed escape room, and much, much more at our centre in Bedford, in the UK. 

COVID19 has decimated our business and we’re not standing for it!

We knew we had to come up with a way to #BeatTheBoredom and save our home, Twinwoods Adventure. We also knew that whatever we did, it had to provide a genuine benefit to our customers, and support and improve their mental health. 

When the global lockdown started, some of our team lucked out and became isolated in the best place in the world. Our place, on-site. A few days in, and with no customers or friends to enjoy our toys with, and we got to thinking; “how can we take the fun, excitement and entertainment to our customers and friends?”

Managing Director, Roy Castleman, realised that we needed a way to take our hugely popular escape room to our customers using only technology that everyone already has at home or in the office. 

On the 14th April 2020, we released our first live remote escape room, Morse Code, to the public. One of the first of its kind in the world, this has been massively successful and, at only 2 weeks in, we were already at full capacity for most of May. 

Learning from this, we now know that if we want to help the world #BeatTheBoredom, we need more rooms! And this is where you come in…

Our vision is to take this concept of remote entertainment to a whole new level for everyone, whatever their age, wherever they are in the world. We have already started the process and have designed and planned our next remote escape room adventure, Morse Code Dot Dash Boom, which follows the story of our first room. 

Set in our building on the former RAE Bedford site, Dot Dash Boom leans on our heritage as an aircraft research facility. We've had some pretty big names here, including Tornado, Concorde, the Harrier Jump Jets, and now you! We need you to join a new tactical unit, set to infiltrate a local airfield that’s under a tactical command. We think there’s an insider that’s actually working for the enemy, and we need you to flush them out. The bad news is, we think it’s the general on site. 

The intel says this insider has been training a new recruit and being so green it appears he’s slipped up. The team at GCHQ have intercepted a message to the enemy, but it’s encrypted and they don’t have the cypher. We think this cypher is in the office of the general, so we obviously can’t go and ask for it. You need to get in without being noticed, find the cypher, and let us know how it works back in command using morse code. 

In order to escape the facility, it's become clear that the only way to get through the perimeter is to sneak on to freight aircraft that's scheduled to leave in 60 minutes. 

If you take on the full story, you'll also need to find the general's parachute equipment for the ultimate escape, as you head to our wind tunnel to experience all the thrills of freefall. 

We’ve pulled together a number of resources to make the gameplay as involving and engaging as playing the room in person. Using a group video call, teams control a real-life human avatar through our real, physical room. They see what the avatar sees in real-time, along with 360 images, overhead camera feeds and instant digital clues.

With your help, our plan is to replicate this technology and gameplay to develop new escape rooms that give people of all ages, all over the world the chance to come together, work as a team, and have fun.

Caring for our environment and reducing our carbon footprint is ingrained in our ethos. Playing our escape rooms remotely, even after the lockdown is lifted, has a great secondary benefit by reducing the number of cars on the road from our visitors. We’re also looking at ways to reduce the energy used in the building, as well as greener ways to work as we develop the rooms further. 

Our initial target of £60,000 will allow us to build three brand new escape rooms. Using the lessons learned from developing Morse Code, our new adventure is designed from the ground up to be a remote experience and uses cutting edge technology to provide a world-class customer experience.

Opening up sessions 24 hours a day so that people can play wherever they are in the world, has enabled us to add 2000 adventures a month. If we exceed our targets, we have the space in our current building to build twelve more rooms and there is more capacity locally if we need it.

We’re keeping the crowdfunding process as simple as we can. The rewards directly relate to playing a game, and by purchasing a reward, you’re contributing to getting the rooms built, and buying your tickets to play the games when they’re ready. Think of it like ‘buy now, play later’. 

We have the plans, we have gameplay, we have the experience.  We just need the money to build them. Join us as we #BeatTheBoredom!  

Twinwoods Adventure is a multi-activity adventure centre located in Milton Ernest, Bedfordshire. Suitable for all ages, we offer loads of incredible adventures, including; indoor surfing, climbing, shooting, archery, salt cave and massage treatments, soft play and a Health Club with thermal pool and gym. Also on offer are Indoor Skydiving, a new war-themed escape room, Morse Code, and Veritgo – a 125ft freefall jump, all of which are based in our Grade 2 listed wind tunnel structure. The wind tunnel, named the Vertical Spinning Tunnel (VST), was built in 1952 as part of the RAE Bedford site and was used to simulate stall and flat spins with model aircraft. The tunnel was converted in 2005 to be the first, and biggest indoor skydiving facility in the UK.

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