Flavoured creamer for luxury coffee at home

by Brian Andrews in London, England, United Kingdom

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We're so close to producing our coffee creamers in sustainable ambient packaging suitable for posting straight to you. Please help!

by Brian Andrews in London, England, United Kingdom

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On the 1st April 2021 we'd raised £10,353 with 60 supporters in 28 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

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Any extra money we can raise will help us release more delightful flavours for you to enjoy!


Bear Paw needs your help.

Our primary business supplying indie cafés, from Shoreditch right across central London, was crushed by the pandemic. The closure of the hospitality locations we work to supply has effectively stopped our income, placing uncertainty on the continuation of our business.

But there is hope! As part of our business continuation plans we've been working hard to adapt our products and value proposition so we can sell directly to you. Our dairy-free, vegan-friendly coffee creamers now have an ambient shelf-life and are easy to post, so you can enjoy luxury, flavoured coffee from the safety of your home. Of course, we’ve selected the most sustainable packaging option to minimize our carbon footprint. This’ll help us offer our product through all kinds of great partners and shops too.

Alas, this long-lived, sustainably packed deliciousness requires massive order quantities and the fancy packaging alone costs quite a few pennies. So we really need your help to begin producing products for the home market, and help get it back into the hands of every Londoner and UK citizen – you included. Most of the cash raised will go to this goal.

Our Street Team are itching to serve our products directly on the streets of London when it is safe to do so again and some of the money we're raising will go into the equipment needed to do this in a Covid Secure manner. We can't wait to partner with more market traders and do more pop up events in the trendy Sook spaces. With your help we will be ready to make an impact everywhere from our home near Spitalfields to King Cross and Camden and hopefully the delightful Covent Garden Market.

As part of our business continuation plans to get through the next year and come out stronger on the other side, we are also gearing up to increase our online presence. We need to upgrade our website to help us invest in further e-commerce options, like building an Amazon presence to allow us to sell online so people across the country can experience our great products!

Your help will let us build and protect our brand. We appreciate it enormously.

Brian   (Head Bear)


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A big thank you. All of the above plus a mystery reward! You'll also get samples of our luxury chocolate shake, which has already won the accolade of "best RTD chocolate shake made in Islington, probably" as judged by Brian.

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