Ban wildlife markets to stop the next Covid-19

by Environmental Justice Foundation in London, England, United Kingdom


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Wildlife markets cause pandemics including Covid-19. They are the scourge of our natural world. Donate today to help end the markets forever

by Environmental Justice Foundation in London, England, United Kingdom

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sarahclayton 15th July 2020

Rightly or wrongly, one of the best ways to get these terrible markets stopped is telling people their health is at risk. That might have impact, even to people who have no concern for welfare, or appreciation of animal sentience. Changing the ethos in society, to no longer see selling/ buying/ eating wild animals as acceptable is also necessary. Educating children about animals, and animal sentience might help. Also legal deterrents, with large fines and long prison sentences, if those can be enforced. Apparently showing children films of wild animals, in their natural setting, can help them see the creatures as wonderful and of value in their own right. It just might work.

Annamaria Ardley 13th June 2020

Supporting this cause in the hope that we can end cruel live markets and, in turn, stop the spread of diseases that start from them. Thank you for your work in this

Kerry-May Welman 13th June 2020

The markets need to be closed, the animals are Stolen and then tortured in the hands of people who disgustingly have no care for animals welfare, no animals should have to suffer this as-well as being cooped up in tiny cages until it’s there time coming to a vile end, also not even being being given food or water , if the people doing this were put through the same things themselves they would understand the agony the poor defenceless animals go through but for some reason think they own and control these animals, Animals do not have a voice to speak , we need to be there voices , the animals have a huge heart and have feelings , no animal should have to suffer like this at the hands of humans. Animals have RIGHTS , let’s work together to get these markets closed for good !!

Fiona Grant 12th June 2020

If you don't sign out of compassion for the animals' suffering then just sign out of selfishness to protect your job/home/family but please sign

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