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by Lynn Erasmus in Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom

We did it
On 11th May 2022 we successfully raised £2,142 with 26 supporters in 47 days

Help us to realise 100 young entrepreneurs' dreams of starting their own businesses, giving them purpose, skills, mentorship & confidence.

by Lynn Erasmus in Perth and Kinross, United Kingdom

Our mission is to fund up to 100 youths in Scotland by May with a year’s membership via our Crowdfunder Campaign. 

That being said, every pound pledged will be utilised and enable us to start helping at least 60 young people signed up from May.

They will learn all there is about entrepreneurship, how to create an entrepreneurial mindset, be mentored by industry experts, and ultimately, discover their purpose and build the confidence to do what they love. 

Not everyone fits in the boxes that society created for us, and entrepreneurship is an option for them. 

Challenge your friends and family, colleagues, and teachers to back a young entrepreneur’s dream today. 

You and I can do our part to provide these youths with access to information, opportunities, shared experiences, masterminds, networking, mentorship, and entrepreneurial mindset growth. 

Why Support? 

As the Founder of our organisation, I have experienced first-hand the challenges faced by young people, young professionals, and expats living in the UK. Although a native to South Africa, I am now living in the lush green hills of Scotland with my family. 

Today, I am a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, author of Break Those Damn Rules, and keynote speaker, but it wasn’t always like this for me… 

Growing up, I felt like an outsider and misfit. We all want to feel like we matter and belong, but this was taken away from me as a young girl, losing my mother to suicide. It left an emptiness inside of me, which over the years turned into disillusionment. 

Until one day, a spark was set off. It was the year 2010 when I completed my internship at a newspaper house, and I was introduced to the world of Entrepreneurship. 

Entrepreneurship filled a part of this hole and gave me a sense of purpose and value again. And this was the start of my path to help thousands of others like me, by sharing information on how they too can start their entrepreneurial journey.

 Entrepreneurship is not for the elite few, born with privilege and power; but for those with courage in their hearts and a strong will to succeed. You are not your circumstance, nor your postcode or family name. You are what you believe it to be, and today is your day to make that choice to change. 

Join our community of passionate, (some call us crazy), like-minded people at SYMBL, and together we will thrive. Most of us want to make a difference, but we don’t know how. 

Here is an opportunity for you to be part of the solution and make a difference no matter how big or small, by sponsoring a young person’s membership for the year, or even a part donation will go a long way. 

There are many rewards we offer in return, check it out.


SYMBL was born out of a need to connect like-minded people who share similar values and ethics – we truly embody and embrace diversity, equality, and inclusion. We strive to be the one-stop shop for all your entrepreneurial needs and be the first port of call when arriving in the UK – all expats welcome, no matter how long you have been here. 

People do business with people, not entities and as such, we have made great strides to connect with organisations that aim to support young people, businesses, and or expats. 

We are creating pathways to share these resources with our members as you are our number one focus. 

SYMBL – We grow inclusive business leaders of tomorrow. 

SYMBL – Your Home Away from Home. 

For further information contact: Lynn Erasmus, [email protected], 

Lynn Erasmus is the founder and CEO (Creating Exciting Opportunities) of SYMBL and although only launched on 21 March 2022, it is a culmination of 42 years of life and 12 years of business experience. 

Lynn won the Great British Entrepreneur Foreign Innovation Award 2021, is the IOD Tayside's Inclusivity & Diversity Ambassador, Perthshire Businesswomen committee member, a Humane Tech supporter, Growbiz Mentor, Perth Leadership Ambassador, and fierce suicide prevention activist. 

SYMBL CIC is a registered Community Interest Company, where we offer training, mentorship, and events to our members, championing their needs and always encouraging innovation and entrepreneurial thinking.

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There are an estimated 450,000 small businesses registered in the UK by 16–24-year-olds, and a total of 83% of this demographic dreams of self-employment. 


The future is in our young leaders’ hands, but many feel like they have been left behind.

A common misconception is that poverty is the main reason for young people leaving school and not attending college, but it runs deeper than this. 

It is insufficient guidance, support, and purpose provided to our young people that sits at the core. These young people are our ideal members to join SYMBL and be supported through our entrepreneurial programs. 


SYMBL is not vanilla and does not use a cookie-cutter approach to our member’s needs.

Each young person will receive an initial assessment to understand their needs and then be signposted to the mentor, network, training, or support group available.

SYMBL strives to be your one-stop shop on all things entrepreneurial. Information, specific to your needs will be shared monthly, via newsletters, social media, and eventually podcasts. At SYMBL we embrace and encourage Entrepreneurship and all subjects related to starting and growing your business will be shared freely. We will engage with schools, colleges, universities, and related organizations to encourage and promote the culture of entrepreneurship. We firmly believe that change starts with a mindset adaptation – and that, starts with planting seeds and thoughts, words leading to action, and ultimately change.


Introductory coaching session by the CEO when each member joins.

Followed by two sessions each month: personal & business development, introduction to entrepreneurship & networking. 

Matched mentorship coming soon!!!





This project offers rewards in return for your donation. Please select a reward below.

£125 or more

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All £50 rewards & be celebrated on social media, website (company or individual) & receive an appreciation award posted to you & a follow-up call from CEO. Congratulations, you just impacted a young entrepreneur's life for the better.

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Thank you for your contribution! We appreciate the love.

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Personalised thank you letter from the CEO via email.

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Personalised thank you letter from the CEO via email, the Unstoppable Entrepreneur e-book, and Break Those Damn Rules e-book.

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All £20 rewards & a leather- keyring, and -ring posted to you in the UK.

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All £125 rewards & a coaching session by CEO.

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All £250 rewards & leather journal & 1-hour training of team by CEO online.

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All £500 rewards & “How to create a winning culture” keynote by CEO online.

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