Legal costs of defending defamation action.

by Andy Wightman in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Legal costs of defending defamation action.
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To cover the legal costs incurred in defending a legal action against me for defamation.

by Andy Wightman in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

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William Whitelaw 16th June 2017

I would have donated more, but I need to wait until the first donation is taken, before committing any more funds. This is because I can't guarantee how much will be in my bank on a given date in the future. Others may be in the same position. So, if you want to run another fundraiser I'm sure you will get more help. Best of luck.

William 15th June 2017

Money not taken out of my account and having trouble getting in touch with the organisers anybody help

Kate Corcoran 30th May 2017

Thanks Andy, for standing up for us all. I'm sorry that you're being put through this horrible experience, I'm so glad you've got the courage to go through with it.

Paul Cochrane 9th May 2017

The Poor Had No Lawyers is a seminal work for modern Scotland. Since then I have frequently communicated with Andy and found his advice to be measured, honest and sometimes sobering. He comes from the old school approach of looking at evidence then forming opinion. For a company registered outside Scotland to take their toffee hammer to try and make a mark on this Colossuss tells ,er all I need to know about them. Good luck Andy though I suspect you will not need it.

Cathie Russell 9th May 2017

This whole thing is a farce but I know that wont make it any less stressful. I would be so angry if you were forced into bankruptcy over this and the Parliament would lose an excellent MSP which such a great understanding of land issues. We can't let that happen. All the best Andy.

Fiona Tinker 9th May 2017

I'm sorry you're going through this, Andy. I agree with all the comments saying how important your work is and why some may be trying to silence it. Please keep your chin up - there are a lot of us behind you.

clarnied 8th May 2017

Andy, as I've said before, you are one of the most inspirational people I have ever had the honour of working with. Your work as an MSP is so important, as is your work on Land reform, and in holding truth to power. It's unfortunate that you've been distracted from your work by this, but I hope you will get to put this behind you. PS Rory is rooting for you too!

Frans Drost 5th May 2017

Being a yearly visitor of Scotland it was Andy's book that gave me insights into the bizar system and rules of land ownership. To me, living in Holland, it is utterly incomprehensible that Andy is now involved in a law suit that, even if he wins, will cost him a large amount of money. What a disgusting system.

Duncan Spance 4th May 2017

Seems to me you are touching raw nerves. We will win the land back. It might not be tomorrow, but we will win it back. Thank you for your good work. Sorry you have to put up with this bovine faeces.

Alex Milne 4th May 2017

The Scottish government really needs to get its house in order. When people hiding in tax havens can avoid going to jail by being anonymous, collect government money without having a person identified in Scotland, adopt "good causes" to further their scams there is something far wrong in 21st Century Scotland.

Peter Kennedy 4th May 2017

All the very best in your defence. It would be a tragedy if the pursuers were successful in their actions. Thanks for all you've done and all power to your elbow!

Michael Willett 4th May 2017

I've had run-ins with Wildcat Haven myself. You have my full support. I hope that goodness really does prevail, and wish you the best of luck!

jennie-macfie 3rd May 2017

Everyone who's ever read your books, or used your website, or heard you speak about land in Scotland, knows how much dogged hard work you've done, unpaid. We all owe you for that, Andy, and we should be happy and proud to support you.

Caroline McManus 3rd May 2017

Immensely important for all in Scotland that the real players behind this cowardly action against a man who has done so much to expose perhaps the biggest criminals in Scottish history, are exposed

Philip Galloway 3rd May 2017

I popped a few more quid in as I feel it is important that people and politicians like Andy should not fear for their livelihoods when bullying corporations think they can use the law to restrict dialogue and questioning. Good luck Andy... I'll chip in more as and when needed. I would like my party (snp) to look as this abuse and get it sorted.

ionicfern 3rd May 2017

A cowardly act by cowardly people scared that their way of life is balancing on a precipice (and it will end for them). To those of us who have always had nothing the only thing that can really be taken is your freedom. In the words of the wee purple one: Money don't matter to night It sure didn't matter yesterday Just when you think you've got more than enough That's when it all up and flies away That's when you find out that you're better off Makin' sure your soul's alright 'Cause money didn't matter yesterday, And it sure don't matter to night

Bertie 3rd May 2017

All power to your elbow for your campaigning and investigating which is done only to seek the truth and to present the facts. I can't believe, in a supposedly civilised society, that without the generosity of strangers (and friends) even if you win you will be financially crippled and, if you lose, you will be bankrupt. This is a serious assault on free speech and democracy and the law in this area must be changed. I sincerely hope that, whatever the outcome, you will be debt free and continue to serve as an MSP

William Whitelaw 23rd April 2017

The ability to speak truth to, and about, power must be defended as one of our most precious freedoms. Whatever the outcome Andy, you will be supported and we will dig deep to keep your involvement in our Parliament & democracy. You are among friends.

Peter Caunt 23rd April 2017

Scotland can and will embrace land reform. People are waking up to the possibilities . Take courage friend you are so important to the cause. Peter Caunt

ewan-aitken 22nd April 2017

The pledge that appears in my name has been made on behalf of the 9 people who are members of the Iona Community Leith family Group. This is an injustice that must be challenged. If this case is lost Andy will loose a great deal and we need to support him in every way we can but we will all have lost something of deep significance about our land and about our voice as well

Dougie McKenzie 21st April 2017

This kind of intimidation by wealth and power only strengthens the determination of those of us who want to see fairness and justice in land ownership in Scotland. Keep fighting Andy on our behalf. In the unlikely event of your losing and incurring personal financial penalties I suspect most of us would favour another crowdfunding bid to save an MSP Scotland can't afford to lose.

Jim Stuart 20th April 2017

We Scots are very fortunate to have you, Andy, meticulously and exhaustively challenging the status quo on Land ownership. You deserve massive support against this legal action. I hope you get it; you certainly have it from me.

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