By the provision of experiential workshops, AVP aims to relieve those afflicted by violence or abuse in their own lives, whether they are aggressors or victims or both. The workshops develop people's abilities to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence.

Alternatives To Violence Project Britain

“AVP was to be my turning point. There was no right answer – nor wrong ones. What pleased me more was that other people could see the changes I was making.” - Anonymous prison workshop participant

Much more than an anger management course, AVP recognizes that a holistic approach is needed to address violence in our societies. Our courses therefore aim to teach participants the necessary skills to handle conflict non-violently and to build better, healthier relationships. We do this through interactive workshops which combine experiential learning and self-awareness exercises with more practical skill development in conflict management. We run theses workshops in the community and in prisons to help people to face up to conflict in their lives. The courses are offered in different formats, including in-person, online, hybrid, distance-learning, and easy-access.

We charge a small fee for workshops but no-one is turned away if they can't pay.

And that is why your help is so important.

Just a small donation of £5 goes towards funding a bursary place on a workshop to help someone address violent behaviour linked to the trauma of a difficult childhood. A standing order will help us predict our income and support more people. Remembering AVPB in your will is a lasting legacy that will help us to achieve our goals.

Whatever you are able to give, we are grateful for your financial support, and we promise to use your money wisely. We spend very little on governance; almost all of what you give goes directly to support our workshops and other training activities, which are all run by volunteers.

“I think when the course finishes people will find they have a different outlook on life. Don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.” - Anonymous

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