Help Save The Auctioneers Arms

by Caverswall Community Society in Caverswall, England, United Kingdom

We did it
On 1st August 2017 we successfully raised £199,580 with 135 investors in 102 days

Caverswall Community Society are aiming to save The Auctioneers Arms through a community share offer.

by Caverswall Community Society in Caverswall, England, United Kingdom

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Steve Barton 2nd August 2017

Well done to everyone who has been involved. Now you can really get going to achieve what you set out to do. From all at your local CAMRA branch

Steve Barton 18th July 2017

Come on people, we are nearly there. Its been an amazing journey and now the target is in sight. Keep up the fight to help save the Great British institution of the pub, your local, the real beating throbing heart of the community, that has been that way for centuries. Once its gone it will be lost forever. And to be replaced with what ? A trendy cafe / bar with wall to wall plastic, chrome furniture and super expensive bar prices to pay the outrageously high rent charged by property owners, who have no interest in the place or you, the paying customer. Keep it up, we really are almost there now !

Matthew Clark 27th June 2017

I have pledged £250 towards this cause because, even though I live 50 miles away in Stockport, I am a passionate believer in good quality, local pubs and some of the best examples are those run by the community themselves. If I lived in the village I would have pledged more, as I'd want a meaningful stake in how it was run. How exciting would it be to have a say in how your local was run? Not just along traditional pub lines but with all sorts of services which could benefit different sections of the village. If £250 is a bit much for you, why not club together with friends, family or neighbours to help pitch in for this great cause. Make the decision today - if you delay you may lose one of your village's best assets.

Sally mountford 21st May 2017

So today I have pledged for a share in the pub as I firmly believe that the village should stay as a village with local amenities accessible to all generations. The "knocks" has always been an important part of the village and I have many fond memories from being a child and also in adult life. It would be such a shame to see it disappear, so please pledge.

Dean Shoegaze Bromley 20th May 2017

I've pledged. Think there needs to be more of an incentive perhaps for higher level donations - seems little in the way of a disparity between pledging £250, £1,000 and more. While I'm in doubt as to the economic viability and sustainability of the project within the local area, I'd love to be proved wrong :) To all those who've worked their socks off with this - best wishes.

Deb Mountford 25th April 2017

I've pledged to this cause because I'm passionate to keep the village a village. Not just a housing estate that you drive through I want the village to keep all the amenities we had when I moved here to cater for everyone in the village, surrounding areas and visitors Two pubs. Two churches. Village shop/ post office and a beautiful moated Castle. Slowly our village amenities are dwindling the castle now has conditions on what it can offer. The village shop/post office is under threat of closing. The Auctioneers Arms is boarded up and has been since August 2016 I believe if we try to save what's already gone--Auctioneers Arms it will generate more community spirit, more visitors to the village and generally have a " knock on effect" to all local businesses in the area. Please help us for the future of Caverswall/Cookshill. Thanks

Caverswall Community Society 22nd April 2017

MESSEGE FROM STEVE BARTON- Chairman of Staffs Moorlands Branch of CAMRA Hello Brian, I have been to a couple of similar events but last night was by far the best. It was well put together and the enthusiasm of both yourself and other members of the 'committee' was clearly evident for all to see. Well done to all ! I think it was an excellent turn out from your locals, who are all potential investors and future customers of any reincarnated Auctioneers Arms. I would like once again to offer my personal support and that of the local CAMRA branch (as long as I am chair) for the long term aim of purchasing the pub and getting it up and running as a successful community led thriving business once again. I have actively promoted your cause within our membership locally and further afield and have also passed on the details to other individuals and organisations who may be interested in buying shares or offer other bits of practical help to the campaign. I will get your details put out to all of our active West Midlands Regional branch and sub-branch officials, who should in turn pass it on to their members at a local branch level via the net or at local branch meetings. I shall also include a further article in the next edition of our branch magazine 'Potters Bar', which has a circulation of around 6,000. It is read by a very targeted readership of beer and pub loving enthusiasts and is being put together right now. It will include a link or directions to your website, like last time. The electronic version will be available on the branch website after publication and we know is read by many more hundreds if not thousands of like minded souls. At the end of the day it is up to individuals to step forward and take part but I am certainly doing my bit behind the scenes to raise the profile of the Auctioneers in as many areas as possible. With best wishes and kindest regards to you all, Steve Barton, Chair, Staffs Moorlands CAMRA

Levels of Investment

£250 or more

£250 Investment

Investing £250 (1 share holding) will receive a 10% loyalty discount card on selected purchases up to a value of 1% of your investment. You will be a member of the CCS with an equal vote on how The Auctioneers Arms is run regardless of your share holding and your name on a wall of fame. We aim to pay 3% interest on shares by year 3 and our project will have advanced assurance from HMRC that investments will qualify for 30% tax relief under SITR.

£500 or more

£500 Investment

Investing £500 ( 2 Share Holdings) will entitle you to all the above.

£750 or more

£750 Investment

Investing £750 ( 3 Share Holdings) will entitle you to all the above.

£1,000 or more

£1,000 Investment

Investing £1000 ( 4 Share Holdings)will entitle you to all the above.

£2,000 or more

£2,000 Investment

Investing £2000 (8 Share Holdings) will entitle you to all the above.

£3,000 or more

£3,000 Investment

Investing £3000 ( 12 Share Holdings) will entitle you to all the above.

£5,000 or more

£5,000 Investment

Investing £5000 ( 20 Share Holdings) will entitle you to all the above.

£10,000 or more

£10,000 Investment

Investing £10,000 ( 40 Share Holdings)will entitle you to all the above.

£10,000 or more

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£10,000 Investment

The highest investor over £10,000 will be offered the opportunity of having either the bar or lounge area named after them.

£20,000 or more

£20,000 Investment

Investing £20,000 ( 80 Share Holdings) will entitle you to all the above.

£30,000 or more

£30,000 Investment

Investing THE MAX of £30,000 ( 120 Share Holdings) will entitle you to all the above.

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