The Chronicles of Atom and Luna

by Matthew Linley Creative Projects in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom


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We are funding the development of our new show The Chronicles of Atom and Luna including more free resources for schools, families and clubs

by Matthew Linley Creative Projects in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom

We're still collecting donations

On the 3rd December 2021 we'd raised £4,035 with 15 supporters in 35 days. But as every pound matters, we're continuing to collect donations from supporters.

New stretch target

More, more, more - hit our stretch target and we will be able to work with more schools and share more activity packs with children across the UK


What magic can you help us make happen?! 

Your support means the world to us, and to the 6000 children we’re hoping to share our work  with. Here are the things we’re planning that you could help us make a reality….

* * A heap of new  Atom and Luna resources for schools – building on our existing work plan - to introduce children to the world of Atom and Luna and feed their hunger for words. 

* Distribute a further 200 activity packs free to after-schools clubs.  The packs are designed to inspire a passion and interest in storytelling and ignite little imaginations. Who knows where that could take our Atom and Luna ‘clubbers’?! 

 * 3 new Atom and Luna audio tales; perfect bedtime story material that will transport littl’uns to a magical world where action is louder than words!

* A new script from Murray Lachlan Young for the Atom and Luna show we’ll be touring in Autumn 2022. It’s been so long, we can’t wait to bring this show to a theatre near you! 

But hang on… Who are Atom and Luna, and what is The Chronicles of Atom and Luna all about?

Atom and Luna are twins, and the focus of our magical story! Left home alone by their mother, our brave twins are saved from starvation by the arrival of the magical but strange Iffly Sney. When Iffly falls terribly ill, only the twins can save him, and to do that they must seek out the mysterious Old Mother Redbeard. And so begins a journey, deep into the heart of the forest, which will change their lives forever….


We began telling this story during lockdown 1 (remember that?), using zoom to bring a bit of theatrical magic to children who were stuck at home and missing their friends. This team of young ‘creative agents’ (thanks all!)  have been brilliant this past 18 months, responding to our creative challenges with gusto, enthusiasm and bucketloads of imagination! They are great storytellers, all of them! And with their help, we’ve made lots of brilliant things happen, for other children up and down the country. Here are the highlights! 

* When Christmas got cancelled, and with it all the pantos, we made SIX FREE AUDIO TALES, full of magic and mystery. Drawing on our creative agents’ amazing ideas, these tales tell the back story to Atom and Luna’s adventures in our magical world.  Gripping stories for young and old, you’ll find those here for FREE! 

* In deepest, darkest January 2021, we released a FREE AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) GAME that fed hundreds of young minds over winter. Players can go into the woods ahead of Atom and Luna, to find Old Mother Redbeard.  Watch this video to find out how you can download the game for FREE!

* Produced a FREE ATOM AND LUNA SCHEME OF WORK FOR PRIMARY SCHOOLS, and visited schools online, to help them support pupils and re-ignite their hunger for learning, as they returned to school in Spring 2021.  You’ll find the digital version here. 

* Made an ATOM AND LUNA ACTIVITY PACK which was distributed for FREE through summer holiday schemes in Colchester, Ipswich and Ellesmere Port

That’s a lot for free, but extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures

At the heart of our work is a commitment to inspire and enable young people to get lost in words, encouraging them to create their own stories across different mediums and develop a live performance habit. 

And at a time when so many children were isolated – from their friends, wider family members and school communities – we wanted to do what we could to bring some colour and adventure to their worlds. We’re so grateful to have been supported by Arts Council England, The Space, Action Transport Theatre, Eastern Angles and others to do just that. It felt good to be making a difference, when things were so different from normal for all of us. 


Your support now will make a world of difference to children across the country

These are still extraordinary times, especially for children. Over the next year, we want to bring the magic of Atom and Luna to 6000 young people up and down the country. To do that we need to raise £4000. 

You can help us do that, and we hope you will! Those activity packs, schools resources and audio tales – and the children they’re destined for – need you! 

We’ve put together a whole host of lovely things you can buy or do, to help us reach our £4000 target – from a £10 donation that will get a family an activity pack to sponsoring a day’s rehearsal/R&D. And with Christmas coming, we’ve included a few possible gift ideas too! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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£20 or more

Be a First Night VIP!

Our new stage show will open in Autumn 2022, and we’d love you to be there on our opening night! As a First Night VIP you’ll receive 2 guest tickets (and a whole lot of love) for First Night. We don’t know exactly where or when that will be just yet, so if you can’t make that date, we’ll give you 2 tickets for another date on the tour. Plus you’ll get a shout out on our socials and join our website Hall of Fam(e)ily.

£10 or more

Make a family Atom and Luna happy!

£10 will get an Atom & Luna activity pack into the hands of a family hungry for some adventure and magic, who wouldn’t otherwise be able to get involved. It’ll keep them occupied for hours! Why not buy more than one? There are LOADS of families we’d love to help out! As a thank you, you’ll get a shout out on our socials and join our join our website Hall of Fam(e)ily.

£10 or more

Atom & Luna postcard set (perfect for Xmas)

£10 will secure you a beautiful, limited edition, set of 7 Atom and £10 Choose this reward and your £10 donation will secure you a beautiful, limited edition, set of 7 Atom and Luna postcards. The postcards feature the beautiful imagery of Bek Palmer, and a QR code to link direct to each story, and come in a presentation envelope. Plus, you’ll get a shout out on our socials and join our website Hall of Fam(e)ily.

£25 or more

Limited edition Atom and Luna Art Print

Another perfect unique Xmas gift! For £25, we’ll send you an A4 glycee limited edition print from Tales from the Forest – a stunning image by our oh-so-brilliant designer, Bek Palmer. These are STUNNING, and we’re only making 20, so get clicking now to not miss out. Oh, and you’ll also get a shout out on our socials and join our website Hall of Fam(e)ily. Obvs.

£100 or more

Limited edition Atom and Luna A4 Print

The perfect Xmas gift for someone you love Bek Palmer’s stunning illustrations are a key element of Atom and Luna. Bek has chosen her 4 favourite illustrations for this limited edition A4 print collection, all truly stop-you-in-your-tracks beautiful designs. Plus, we’ll also send you an Atom and Luna postcard set, give you a shout out on our socials and add you to our website Hall of Fam(e)ily. There are just 15 of these beauties, so do hurry!

£500 or more

Commission a new Audio Tale

Want to play a key part in our story? Then why not commission one of our 3 new Audio Tales? As one of our commissioners, you’ll get your own exclusive dedication included in the Tale’s credits, recorded by Murray Lachlan Young, and appearing on the Youtube credits too. Maybe you’ll want to dedicate it to someone special in your life?! Strictly limited to 3, you’ll also the VIP treatment on our socials and in our website Hall of Fam(e)ily.

£750 or more

Rehearsal sponsor

The Holy Grail of support! Your £750 will pay for a day of rehearsals in June 22 for our live performance of Atom and Luna. Our VIP for the day, you’ll get to meet and chat to the creative team, observe us at work, and join us for some food at the end of the day. We’ll also record a special video on the day, to say thank you, fill you in on what we’ve been up to and how you’ve helped. Plus a programme & (of course) Hall of Fam(e)ily credit.

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